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    Seeking Help Channel blackout problem in all insat satellite

    Since last few week I have a strange PROBLEM in my tatasky hd set-top box ..in my box which all insat satellite channels are blackout from screen where signal are coming in box when I chacking in that channels what is the problem can anyone bro please tell me thanks
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    Discussion Why can't HD channels survive in India?

    Now these days where every people wants 4k channels in other countries but still in India hd channels could not doing good bussiness in last few months lots of good hd channels has shutdown due to not doing good popularity....the India where population around 130 cr but still we has only less...
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    Sad News Samay news removal notice by tatasky

    This mentioned channel will not be available from 21th of October..
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    Breaking One new channel will be launched

    Tatasky will be going to launch one new channel but which channel is that I couldn't find there channel list pdf today I saw total number of channels are 591..where yesterday it has 590..
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    Discussion Mami film festival service channel

    Is tatasky going to launch mami film festival service channel this year also..any one any idea on that?
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    Sad News Sahara samay mp cg will be not available on tatasky platform from 13th October

    This channel will be not available on tatasky platform from 13 th October scroll running on the channel 1157
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    Seeking Help No option for add showcase movie

    From today morning I could not find the showcase movie channel selection option in tatasky app movie order section. Is tatasky planning to remove all showcase movie channels..?
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    Seeking Help About aaho music availability

    Currently how many cable as well as dth platform carrying aaho music channel can any one give all availability platform list..
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    Sad News 5 channels will be removed w.e.f. 22nd July 2020

    Tata sky going to remove these all channels mentioned above on 22nd of July..
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    Discussion Why ilove pen studios going to remove from tatasky

    I don't understand why ilove pen studio not giving carriage fee to tatasky to stay on platform...I don't thing any financial problem with then .Today I saw almost 1 hr ilove music channel on tatasky still they have lots of advertising on their channel and they have good music library to..but why...
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    Sad News Jai Maharashtra and Fyi TV18 dropping on 2nd & 8th July respectively

    Tata sky will be going to removed the channel jai Maharashtra on 2nd of July and fyi18 will remove on 8th of July..
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    Good News Sadhana plus news on tatasky soon

    May be sadhana plus news channel going to be add in Tata sky platform at lcn 540 soon..Channel showing this in their availability banner.
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    Breaking Tata Sky Beauty LCN will changed effective 5th June

    Tatasky will be going to change channel number of tatasky beauty of lcn 119 to new lcn 111 from effect 5th of JUNE..
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    DTH Updates Tata Sky Acting Adda will be discontinued effective 4th June

    Tatasky going to drop tatasky acting adda lcn 111 from 4th of JUNE but they will continue on tatasky mobile app
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    Breaking Tatasky dance studio lcn will change

    Tatasky will be going to change channel lcn number of tatasky dance studio from 123 to 656 from effect 29th of May..
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    Tatasky cooking lcn will be changed

    Tatasky will be going to change the lcn number of tatasky cooking service channel number from 127 to 112 from effect 29th of May..scroll running on the channel.
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