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    Dish tv reduced package price of premier malayalam SD

    Dish tv reduced NCF and package price of premier Malayalam sd
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    24news Malayalam not available in morning time

    24news Malayalam not available in dish tv ST2 in morning time showing channel not subscribed after evening the channel automatically activating
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    24news added channel no636

    Dish tv ST2 added 24news on channel no 636
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    Mangalam channel showing 'indiasign' only

    Mangalam channel now not telecasting any programs now only show a full screen 'indiasign'
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    News18 channels price reduced

    Dish tv now reduced News18 channels price 25ps to 10ps after few months of broadcaster reduces channel price
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    Why 24news channel not available in dish tv.. D2h.. Tatasky.. Airtel digital tv

    24news channel a Malayalam fta channel owned by flowers tv launched in few months ago still this channel only available in some cable networks and sun direct why no other dth add this channel to there platform
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    How to get all FTA channels free without recharge

    Friends please explain how to get all available fta channels in home without recharge in some online websites showing fta box for avail I need information please help me
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    Sun direct now allowing 155 channels in rs153 ncf

    Sun direct dth service officially announced providing 155 channels in rs 130+gst
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    Dish tv not give freedom to customers to choose 100 FTA channels

    After the trai order implementing only Dishtv not give freedom to choose customers to select 100 FTA channels only give there on pre selected channels then what is the use of trai order
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    Shekinah tv starting on 28 April

    Shekinah tv new malayalam channel starting on 28 April
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    Dish tv now removed 30days lock in period

    Dish tv today removed the 30 days lock in period in pay channels
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    Moved to ST2 today (AF8012H) tru hd+box-arion

    After a long time waiting lots of consequences today I'm moved to ST2 alignment in my tru hd+box
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    Seeking Help How to change the base pack bst North and language zone to South

    How to change dishtv base pack bst North and language zone north to south I'm a South pack user after trai rule implementation my base pack automatically changed to North and I lost my ST2 updation cc says I get the ST2 realignment updation change the base pack to South I'm trying somany Times...
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    Any dth give freedom to customers to choose 100 FTA channels

    After trai rules implementation any dth gives freedom for customers to choose 100 FTA channels
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    Dish tv now not allowing to realingn to ST2 for AF8012H box model

    Today iam called dish tv cc and they told me my box not get the ST2 realignment updation
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    Dish tv add new packages on today

    Dish tv ready to implement the trai order today dish tv add new packages
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    Frdz.. Iam a dish tv consumer im like to buy a new FTA receiver how to get FTA channels in my dish tv antenna how to install it please help me.?
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    Complete Malayalam channels

    Which dth provide complete list of Malayalam channels
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