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  1. vijay mahanta

    8 Adult channel coming soon in Eutelsat 70b

    Wait & watch till 1 Aug.
  2. vijay mahanta

    Hot news: Belarus 51° sat hot channels in small dish

    Good news friends, all xxx channels easily available in Belarus @51° e c band. Now forget hotbird and enjoy. 6 feet dish is enough.  :ohya
  3. vijay mahanta

    Some good European music channels

    Deluxe music 1 tv music MFM music Vox music
  4. vijay mahanta

    Solid 6 feet c/Ku dish for sale

    I am selling my 6 feet solid dish @ 1500/- only. Interested can contact me. Location - Delhi.
  5. vijay mahanta

    C1 in 138°

  6. vijay mahanta

    New channels on 36 e

    New Russian channels in 36° eurosia beam.
  7. vijay mahanta

    RT news in EXpress am 22 ??

    Friends, anyone confirm that RT news started in express am22 @ 80*??. Reports are in whatsap.
  8. vijay mahanta

    Eutelsat 70D arrived @ 70*e

      Good news friends, Eutelsat 33d is now Eutelsat 70d. Yet the footprints has not realesed but hope that according to its location it will cover India.    Lets wait for it!
  9. vijay mahanta

    Playboy started in 138°

    Good news, Playboy started in ddish package in 138°. Soon it will start transmisson . Now 18+ is possible in small dish. 12272/33333/H
  10. vijay mahanta

    1 tv Russia @ 100°

  11. vijay mahanta

    Kazaksat 3

    Good news, Otau package in Kazaksat all is FTA from yesterday. Enjoy good russian channels until it is free. :gn
  12. vijay mahanta

    8 Kanal in 103°

  13. vijay mahanta

    Eutelsat 36A is now at 70deg E

    Good news, friends, Eutelsat 36A is now at 70 deg east, hope 70 deg slot will now rock. :ohya
  14. vijay mahanta

    OMC in Yahsat @ 52°

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