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  1. stiwari

    Good News Star Movies added on DPO 1 Pack

    May be he want to say DMK wins,Sundirect indirectly benefited
  2. stiwari

    Demand for adding new channels on Sun Direct DTH Platform

    Put your request on Sun Direct twitter handle,. https://mobile.twitter.com/SUNDIRECTIndia. Here no body from Sun Direct will read your request
  3. stiwari

    Breaking DD Free Dish LCN Line up w.e.f 01.04.2021

    Did new channels transmission started
  4. stiwari

    DDF Exclusive Q India, Khabrein abhi tak has been removed

    Q India getting free Dish slot struggling to survive might be banking on Free DD platform,let us see if it finally survives in India
  5. stiwari

    Breaking Airtel Idv charges on UDP Pack removed

    I understand with top up code we can not activate this pack now,it can be done by customer care by calling,if in your area it is possible it can be done
  6. stiwari

    Breaking Airtel Idv charges on UDP Pack removed

    But I tried they are not giving this pack to south customers,has any body got this
  7. stiwari

    Breaking Airtel Idv charges on UDP Pack removed

    What are other pay channels coming other than these 2 star channels bro
  8. stiwari

    Need help Non stop pack

    Non stop pack stopped by DishTV after new rules by Trai came you need to pay minimum Rs153 NCF charges plus the pay channels you want to watch,if you not recharge your box for more than 2 months you may get some offer with NCF charges reduction
  9. stiwari

    Pay later

    Give a MISSED CALL & get 3 EXTRA DAYS to recharge
  10. stiwari

    Good News Bought new sun hd connections

    What pack Sun Direct gives in SD 6 months free
  11. stiwari

    SD picture quality.

    Go to your friend's place and see picture quality your self then take decision
  12. stiwari

    SD picture quality.

    I think DishTV SD picture quality is good,Tata sky SD picture is dull Good News - Bought Tata Sky HD Connection
  13. stiwari

    3rd Annual E-Auction

    I think with this merger they are giving slotes to new channels Merger of Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha TV into Sansad TV finalised
  14. stiwari

    3rd Annual E-Auction

    Republic bharat looks like in trouble due to TRP scam,but Zee News may make own TP transmission
  15. stiwari

    3rd Annual E-Auction

    Sony channels Sony Wah and Sony Pal wait for second round,this is very strange or may be not interested at all
  16. stiwari

    Seeking Help Which is the best set top box to watch free to air channels?

    Solid, catvision or Dilos like set top box or any set top box in Amazon flipkart with average customer review with more than 4 stars are good
  17. stiwari

    3rd Annual E-Auction

    Q channel has become waste,programmes are like children stories in form of cartoons
  18. stiwari

    3rd Annual E-Auction

    No slots are left but all existing slots term is getting over by March,so all existing channels who are interested have to bid again to continue in DD DTH platform
  19. stiwari

    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    Dish TV Android Set Top Box Price, HDMI Monitor to TV Connector
  20. stiwari

    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    Yes my most of issues solved within short period by DishTV after posting issue on twitter
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