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  1. Suresh manshuk

    Breaking Tata Sky Testing 6 Channels

    Super news for tamil subscribers vadirocks bro nice update 👍👍👍👍👍
  2. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Manoranjan movies dropped by tatasky

    Finally Manoranjan movies dropped by tatasky lcn 1910
  3. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Manoranjan Movies will be dropped from Tata Sky platform on 2 April 2021

    Date extended April 8 2021 what happened sagar bro day by day removal date extended from 1to 8:unsure:
  4. Suresh manshuk

    Discussion General News & Updates About Tata Sky

    Any update vijay music vadirocks bro
  5. Suresh manshuk

    Seeking Help Best DTH Service

    After a long time i seen your post ramesh sky bro welcome back dreamdthforum 👍
  6. Suresh manshuk

    DDF Exclusive Tata Sky Channels & Services List (08/04/2021)

    I think you mentioned sports section I,m right. yes hd 10 sd 14 shivraj bro
  7. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky will be dropped tatasky bhojpuri cinema

    Tatasky bhojpuri cinema will be dropped effect from 1st April.source scroll running
  8. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tata sky added tatasky darshan

    Tatasky added tatasky darshan lcn 1056 before it's no lcn platform I think
  9. Suresh manshuk

    DDF Exclusive Sahana music rebranded as Jyoti TV

    Sahana tamil music channel rebranded to bhakthi channel jothi
  10. Suresh manshuk

    Two Audio Feed Added in Star Movies SD & HD

    I am really disappointed.star movies specially added for tamil language in my pack but soon its dropped so I am also dropped star movies in my pack it's one day offer I think 😇
  11. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky added astro duniya service channel

    Tatasky added tatasky astro duniya service channel lcn 512
  12. Suresh manshuk

    DDF Exclusive "Oriqa Gujarati" Coming Soon...

    I will see some gujarati movie,devotional, channels from gtpl but not confirmed that is local or satellite channels
  13. Suresh manshuk

    DDF Exclusive "Oriqa Gujarati" Coming Soon...

    I think its satellite channel
  14. Suresh manshuk

    DDF Exclusive "Oriqa Gujarati" Coming Soon...

    Yes we need more gujarati movies,music,devotional,& gec.also some tamil channels like puthu yugam,captain tv,DD pudhuchery,vijay music, come on tatasky I am waiting 👍
  15. Suresh manshuk

    Good News Tatasky classroom now available free

    Tatasky classroom lcn no 653 is now available free
  16. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky added prime news and tehzeeb tv

    Yes I know sarfaraz bro but manoj agar bro created another post for Jan tv .so I created pending channels post
  17. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky added prime news and tehzeeb tv

    Tatasky added prime news at lcn 569 and tehzeeb tv added at lcn 1195
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