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  1. ricky005

    Breaking Vijay Music to launch on 4th October

    Added in AMN digital channel No 85. Picture quality was Awesome.
  2. ricky005

    Breaking Vijay Music to launch on 4th October

    1.18 rs bro already in this thread :ok2:
  3. ricky005

    Breaking Vijay Music to launch on 4th October

    If they launch the above channel then our bill will increase. Then, they increase the price like sun network. :undecided:
  4. ricky005

    new 2 tamil hindu bhakthi channel launched

    Sahana a music channel is closing for devotional channel. Because they cancelled the original license of jothi. Polimer music will again relaunch or not.
  5. ricky005

    Discussion I got so tired of my LCO's behavior that I finally left my Digital Cable connection

    You still having that set top box or streaming separately through TV.
  6. ricky005

    Breaking Malar tv added on intelsat 17

    It's not from Thanthi TV bro:no2:.It's from Dinamalar group:smile2::wink2:
  7. ricky005

    New Cartoons Shows & Cartoons Movies Update. ( all info about cartoon channels )

    Is NICKHD+ available in regional languages or not:huh:
  8. ricky005

    DDF Exclusive DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here!

    Pix present colour is good :ok2: . Please try with that or any other colour bro.:wink2:
  9. ricky005

    Kite Victers channel added on Sun Direct

    It's a tamilnadu educational channel. Currently, they are teaching about 10th exam preparation. It should be added.
  10. ricky005

    Happy Birthday my dear Thambi and our Admin, Bapun Raz bro

    Happy birthday dear :wink2: i wish your upcoming days and future to be wonderful for u:smile2:
  11. ricky005

    DDF Exclusive DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here!

    Old logo of DD national was so nice in orange color in 2000.
  12. ricky005

    BARC TRP Data | Week 14

    In olden days DD National will change as DD National Tamil Nadu, while playing Shakthimaan, Ramayana and other shows:em:. Now, they doing that I don't know. Because, I have seen that in individual antenna provided for DD in that days. If, they did that now will get more ratings:wink2:. Because...
  13. ricky005

    Breaking Disney Magic on Asianet

    They can play in Tamil. Because, both malayalam and Tamil slangs, slight only differs.:wink2:
  14. ricky005

    Discussion Cauvery news Tamil

    Shutdown bro but still available with blank screen. I think they sold to somebody so only the slot was available.:undecided:
  15. ricky005

    DDF Exclusive {Pics} of "BDM", "Connected", "Pick a Trick" & "Eco lution"

    I think it will be colors cineplex HD, Ristey bhojpuri, colors Marathi cinema and colors bollywood.
  16. ricky005

    Good News {Pics} "Star Vijay Music" is Now Temp. FTA from Asiasat 7 @105.5 east.

    I think their package cost will increase from 25 to 30 or something :lol: . That's why they launching this channel.:wink2:
  17. ricky005

    Satellite Rights of South Indian Television Channels

    Zee Tamil only telecasted this movies. So, Rights with them only.:smile2::ok2:
  18. ricky005

    Satellite Updates "Star Vijay Music" started from Asiasat 7 @105.5 east.

    May be soon, Because in kpy that anchor manimegalai told she was working hard in Vijay music
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