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  1. Kalyan_1980

    Seeking Help No Audio in TataSky HD Settop Box

    For the past couple of days, my HD STB has no sound. Only Video is playing. I check my TV, its playing video files with audio. Only problem with TataSky STB
  2. Kalyan_1980

    Suggest Best Home Theatre for Tata Sky

    I plan to buy Home Theatre for my Home, i am using Tata Sky. My budget is around 35K. :) I plan to buy Yamaha or Pioneer Home theatre. Please suggest the suitable model for Tata Sky.  :k :k :k
  3. Kalyan_1980

    Back to Tata Sky after 5 Yrs [Screen Shot Added]

    Yesterday I have activated my Tata Sky and upgrade to SD to HD. Yesterday itself TS guy came and installed HD Box. All channels are good quality. :):):) I got this HD Box with offer of Rs. 1500 with One year Free HD Access fee. :ohya:ohya:ohya I have added Some HD Channel Screen shots
  4. Kalyan_1980

    Is Dish TV ask STB from deactivated Customers?

    4 month back I switch back to D2h from Dish. Now my dish account is deactivated. Last week Dish TV CC called me and ask my Dish TV STB. I asked them will you refund the money..? they said they will not refund the money. Is any one facing this issue.... why we need to give the STB to...
  5. Kalyan_1980

    2G scam fallout: Home Ministry may not give licence to Sun TV network

    New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry may not grant licence to Kalanithi Maran-promoted Sun TV Network’s group companies for alleged involvement of its owners in 2G spectrum scam and Aircel Maxis cases before various courts and investigating agencies. suntvThe stand is likely to be communicated to...
  6. Kalyan_1980

    Plan to subscribe(Now going to Unsubscribe) HBO HITS and DEFINED

    I plan to buy HBO Channels, its worth to pay Rs. 100 per month for HD channels. Its this Channel have more content? Pls Give ur suggestions.
  7. Kalyan_1980

    Some LCN Disappeared (Now issue Fixed)

    In my Dish TV STB from tomorrow onwards some of the LCN Disappeared LCN 22 Zee Studio LCN 29 Romedy+ LCN 1 Zee HD and also StarMovies HD, Movies Now HD, Star World HD, Discorvery HD LCN also dissappeard.
  8. Kalyan_1980

    Doubts on Dish TV

    I have created this thread for clarifying doubts. Can you please tell me how can i add the channels in Favorite list. :huh How many channels can be added in a favorite. :k
  9. Kalyan_1980

    Plan to buy TruHD Dish TV

    Since D2H increased the price I plan to buy Dish TV HD connection:k. Can you pls tell me how the HD Channel clarity in Dish TV. :)
  10. Kalyan_1980

    My Favorite Channel number Missing

    Since some HD Channels reshuffle in TP, Star Movies HD and some HD channels automatically removed from favorite list in 41, 42. Now i am not able to add the channel in that number, also not able to access 41,42,47. How can i rest the favorite to get the channel number again to add some HD channels.
  11. Kalyan_1980

    D2H looting Customers

    I shifted my house and called CC to fix the dish. Initally CC told that fixing charge is Rs. 350, then he asked do you have wall mounted TV or normal TV, i told i have wall mount, then he told me that, for wall mount Fixing charge is Rs. 450/-,:wall i have no ideal what they are doing special...
  12. Kalyan_1980

    Sonic added in Base Pack with Tamil Feed added

    Sonic Channel added in base pack with Tamil Feed added. But still I am not able to view the channels. But web site updated, its available from South Silver Pack. :ohya:ohya:ohya
  13. Kalyan_1980

    Al-a-carte Rates increased

    D2H increased HD channels and SD channels Al-a-carte price. :angry:angry:angry Source: Object moved
  14. Kalyan_1980

    Al-a-Carte SUN HD Channels Price Increased

    Now each channel Rs. 50/-:wall:wall:wall Source: Object moved
  15. Kalyan_1980

    Subscriber base of all DTH

    Can any one post the subscriber details of all DTH currently have. :)
  16. Kalyan_1980

    Discovery Tamil logo changed

    From today onward Discover Tamil logo changed to new logo. Will they changed only the logo or any programs. :huh
  17. Kalyan_1980

    Star Movies Action HD?

    When Star Movies Action HD will Launch?
  18. Kalyan_1980

    HBO Hits and HBO Define Subscription Poll

    Most of them are asking for HBO HD Channels, if the price of the Channel is Rs. 150/- per month.... How many of you going to Subscribe HBO Channels, if they add HD content in D2H.
  19. Kalyan_1980

    Videocon D2H HD in my New Samsung 32" Full HD TV

    Yesterday i bought 32inch full HD TV, i have upload the photos of the my TV with D2H Connection. In Showroom i have seen LED TV with Tata Sky and Dish TV connection , where Tata Sky PQ is awsome, but Dish TV HD PQ is as same as SD Quality. D2H PQ is better that Dish TV HD PQ. I rate the PQ of...
  20. Kalyan_1980

    New HD Connection

    Today i have ordered New D2H HD connection online in D2H site, can u pls tell me how long it will take to install the connection in my home. :):)
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