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  1. vishalbal

    Blind Scan Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E(with pics)

    Good afternoon Friends Yesterday night i moved my current 83deg E c-band setup to Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E But having some problem in getting singnal from (11) tp's rest ss of channels and tp's with i am getting attach here......in blind scan i got 84 Channels.....Please help me to getting M-tunes...
  2. vishalbal

    Blind Scan Insat 4A at 83.0°E(with pics)

    Good Afternoon Members yesterday i change my setup from asiasat 3s and asiasat 5 to Insat 4A at 83.0°E and Blind scan the sat...and got 127 ch...+ 2 radio ch.. Regards, Vishal Bal
  3. vishalbal

    Yahsat 1A at 52.5°E + Express AM22 at 53.0°E( With Pics)

    Good Afternoon Friends yesterday i hunted this sat Yahsat 1A at 52.5°E + Express AM22 at 53.0°E but main problem which i am getting is not getting the last TP which is 12034 V 27500...i have seen another members posts...they are getting but .....for me ...still...:'( then also enjoy and please...
  4. vishalbal

    IPLSONY on asiasat 100.5E

    Good morning members today morning with blind scan on asiasat 5 100.5 e i got this channel iplSony ss attach.... [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] Regards, Vishal Bal
  5. vishalbal


    Good Afternoon members i am having one question in mind i what to know about that i what to use monitor instead of tv to see signal which was connected to solid 3000 stb, i am having one free 15inch monitor but how to connect that ... currently i am having one black and white tv only for sat...
  6. vishalbal

    My first Multi -LNB setup pics....

    Good afternoon members from last 2 months i am trying to do this setup but due to cold waves its very difficult to setup this, but yesterday with the help of jenius-jatt, sunnyk, vishvish, Biswajit.HD, omparkash sharma, Vikram, anilsk01 and plus dishkiller and lots of members from ddf given me...
  7. vishalbal

    Asiasat 5 100.5E Blind Scan With My Friends Orton HD X403p

    Good Evening Friends Yesterday R&D is Got Two New Channel name ATM Thailand HD and Cat_ Thailand i Think so its from Feed....i got it for only 32 min preview after that signal Gone.....:angry First Image and Second Image is demo For that and get Two More channels CH3 and CH7 Showing Blue...
  8. vishalbal

    My Review over Solid 3000 Full HDS2 FTA STB with Pics

    Good Morning Members i am posting the images of solid HD box and pen drive support images ....Sorry for late posting. Currently on this box i am getting 100.5°E AsiaSat 5 and 88.0°E ST 2...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In Below image You can...
  9. vishalbal

    Regarding Digital Satellite Finder

    A Very Warm Good Afternoon to All the members of DDF please help to get a Good Digital Satellite finder (Preference Should be online purchase ) I need the requirement in the sat finder is its should give me :- 1. Signal Strength. 2. Azimuth (degrees). 3. Elevation (degrees). Is it...
  10. vishalbal

    My Old Mesh Type dish Pics and New 6'' ft Solid C/ku band Dish setup pics.......

    My old village home setup . My city home new setup with all prices what i got from y.k electronics ludhiana(Punjab) 6 ft solid c/ku band dish antenna price with no bargain its 2600rs C band lnb make universal or solid price 450rs diseqc 4x switch price 100rs the setup is...
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