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  1. TushShar

    I did a channel search and all the FTA channel dissapeared,What to do?

    Guys,I just did a channel search and all the FTA channel like Aaj Tak,DD channel dissapeared,my channel count is showing 205, Can anyone tell,what to do now?
  2. TushShar

    Completed 5 amazing years in DDF

    Hello everyone,I've completed 5 great and wonderful years in DDF forum :cheers: :kiss2: :cheers: :kiss2: ,I met some really great people here who have really influenced me in a good way a lot,like Bapun bro,Gobinaath bro,Rajkumar bro,ABCDEFGH bro,Sparkar bro,Justilita bro and a lot more...
  3. TushShar

    RBNL ex-CBO Khanchandani joins Arnab's Republic

    MUMBAI: : Vikas Khanchandani former RBNL chief business officer has joined Republic as the chief executive officer. With over two decades of working across ad sales, digital, television and media technology, Khanchandani will play an integral role to grow Republic as an independent media tech...
  4. TushShar

    Sony Entertainment TV plans to expand its early prime time to 6pm

    MUMBAI: With the launch of its new offering Peshwa Bajirao, Sony Entertainment Television has entered the 7.30 pm time slot. The channel has expanded its prime time to 7.30pm, and plans to expand it further to 6pm time band in coming 12-18 months. Speaking to Indiantelevision.com, Sony...
  5. TushShar

    Sport Broadcasting Rights By Broadcaster

    Star {Cricket} {ICC World Events} {International Cricket In: India} England Australia Bangladesh {Domestic} Royal London One Day Cup Nat West T20 Blast Tamil Nadu Premier  League Ranji Trophy Irani Trophy Syed Mushtaq Trophy Duleep Trophy Vijay Hazare Trophy Big Bash League...
  6. TushShar

    Sports TV 2016: Digital explosion, player consolidation & confusion

    2016 was a roller-coaster for Indian sports in the truest sense. It was akin to a Bollywood pot- boiler of the country’s sportspersons bringing cheer and applause in various disciplines, including Rio Olympics, to melodrama and suspense of wrestler Narsingh Yadav’s doping issue and...
  7. TushShar

    Colors Infinity tops English entertainment; DD leads HSM news

    MUMBAI: The last week of 2016, that is, week 52 witnessed English Entertainment emerging as the number one gainer in week 39 of Chrome Data and Analytics. The sector registered 16.0 per cent opportunity to see (OTS) and Colors Infinity led the genre with 45.7 per cent OTS. Next in the...
  8. TushShar

    Star Sports 3 < Best Sports Channel Of The Year

    Please cast your vote for best Sports Channel of the year Poll will close in 8 days.. :tup Multiple Voting is not available in this poll.. :tup
  9. TushShar

    My Tata Sky HD Software got Updated

    My Tata Sky :hd software has got updated..now its come with 1- new logo.. :ohya :ohya 2-Many New genres in epg guide Pics soon.. :tup
  10. TushShar

    My HD Channel Snaps

    Here my :HD channel snaps :tup
  11. TushShar

    Bought New Tata Sky HD STB

    I have bought new Tata Sky :hd stb.. :ohya :ohya :luv Here's my review on basis of point :nj :clap PQ: Whether HD or SD..PQ is Simply Amazing 10/10 AQ: Again amazing...When I was sitting in other room..I thought that someone is.laughing while it was in TV.. :shy 10/10 Remote and STB...
  12. TushShar

    Dishtv added Dangal (2nd LCN)

    Dishtv has added (Dangal 2nd LCN) to 1601.. :tup
  13. TushShar

    Dishtv Changed 2 Channels LCN (19.10.2016)

    Dishtv has changed the lcn of Enterr 10 to 1410 from 1602 & Manoranjan TV to 1325 from 1410... :tup
  14. TushShar

    Dishtv Changed LCN of 4 channels

    Dishtv has changed lcn of 4 channel Dangal to 1601 Enterr 10 to 1410 Manoranjan TV to 1325 News Nation to 1715 :tup
  15. TushShar

    Dishtv added Video Tutorials to Their Website

    Dishtv has added Video Tutorials (Help Videos) to their website Dishtv.in :ohya It will help users to do some frequently used things.. :tup DTH Services Provider India, Direct To Home Services, Digital TV, HD Set Top Box - DISHTV See at Bottom.. :)
  16. TushShar

    New Games In Games Active..

    New Game "Brick Breaker" has been added to Games Active Lcn No 520.. :tup Some SS
  17. TushShar

    Kids Box Office ( Kids Active) Lcn Changed

    Kids Active (Kids Box Office) LCN has been changed from 248 to 514.. :tup
  18. TushShar

    3 Channel LCN Changed

    Dangal lcn has been changed from 1325 to 1715.. Enterr 10 lcn changed from 1860 to 1602 Manoranjan Tv new lcn 1410 :)
  19. TushShar

    Offer- I Devotion @ Rs 1

    Offer I Devotion by Shemaroo @ Rs 1 for 1st month :ohya
  20. TushShar

    RDTV Regional Packs Price and List

    Non-South regional packs Bangla ( 33 Per Month) Odia ( 33 Per Month) Punjabi ( 33 Per Month) Gujrati ( 33 Per Month) Rajasthan ( 33 Per Month) Hindi Bhojpuri ( 33 Per Month) Marathi ( 33 Per Month) ... South regional packs Tamil 1 ( 40 Per Month) Tamil 2 ( 20 Per Month) Kannada 1 (...
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