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  1. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Manoranjan movies dropped by tatasky

    Finally Manoranjan movies dropped by tatasky lcn 1910
  2. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky will be dropped tatasky bhojpuri cinema

    Tatasky bhojpuri cinema will be dropped effect from 1st April.source scroll running
  3. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tata sky added tatasky darshan

    Tatasky added tatasky darshan lcn 1056 before it's no lcn platform I think
  4. Suresh manshuk

    DDF Exclusive Sahana music rebranded as Jyoti TV

    Sahana tamil music channel rebranded to bhakthi channel jothi
  5. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky added astro duniya service channel

    Tatasky added tatasky astro duniya service channel lcn 512
  6. Suresh manshuk

    Good News Tatasky classroom now available free

    Tatasky classroom lcn no 653 is now available free
  7. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky added prime news and tehzeeb tv

    Tatasky added prime news at lcn 569 and tehzeeb tv added at lcn 1195
  8. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Bhasker news removed by tatasky

    Bhasker news removed by tatasky at lcn 1169
  9. Suresh manshuk

    Good News Gubbare channel added by Tata Sky

    Gubbare channel added by tatasky at lcn 678
  10. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky added tatasky curiosity stream

    Tatasky added tatasky curiosity stream at lcn 715 i think its infotainment channel
  11. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates People TV EPG name updated as "Kairali News"

    Tatasky renamed people malayalam news channel to kairali news after 1 year
  12. Suresh manshuk

    Sad News Win tv will be dropped from tatasky

    Win tv tamil news channel will be dropped from tatasky 30th Oct
  13. Suresh manshuk

    DDF Exclusive TV 1 will be dropped from Tata sky

    TV 1 will be dropped from tatasky on 21oct after lcn change. i think its green signal for rebrand tv9 bangla
  14. Suresh manshuk

    Sad News Aaho music dropped

    Tatasky dropped aaho music 828
  15. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates India news channels added back to fta complementry

    news x,india news,india news haryana,India news up,india news mp,india news rajastan,india news gujarat,india news Punjab, channels are added back to fta complementary
  16. Suresh manshuk

    Discussion Test Gsat & Test Insat Lcn removed

    2 Lcn 2031,2032, removed i think
  17. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates Tatasky removed tatasky world screen hd

    Tatasky removed tatasky world screen hd lcn 200
  18. Suresh manshuk

    Sad News News world india will be dropped from 3rd march

    News world india will be dropped from 3rd march lcn 525
  19. Suresh manshuk

    DTH Updates The Q india lcn no changed

    The Q india channel lcn changed to 175
  20. Suresh manshuk

    Sad News 5 channels dropped by tatasky

    Sadhana news, hnn, mkn ,naxatra news, mbc tv channels removed by tatasky
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