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  1. Sateesh_Hyd

    Seeking Help Sun Nxt on Xstream Box

    Hello All I have updated my Airtel HD box to X Strram box but I didn't find an option to add Sunnxt & Aha. Any suggestions. Thanks Sateesh
  2. Sateesh_Hyd

    Seeking Help LNB related

    Hello Friends I have Airtel DTH at my village and Videocon DTh in Hyderabad I want to swap the connections, is it ok if I realign the dishes ( D2h dish direction to Airtel direction and vice-versa ) by swapping the Setup boxes or do I need to change LNBs as well. Please post your replies...
  3. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking Gemini News replaced with Sun Bangla by Sun Network (Channel yet to launch officially on 03-Feb)

    Sun Bangla Added in Gemini News place S S Soon Sun Bangla
  4. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking TATA Sky Make your pack from STB

    Hello All TataSky stepped a step forward and gave option to select our pack from Stb itself. Press yellow button on Raatalu remote the helpdesk menu appears Select make my pack, select your favorite channels. Screen shots will be uploaded soon Thanks Sateesh
  5. Sateesh_Hyd

    Discussion Posted Complaint on D2h

    Hi friends, I have purchased Videocon DVR 3 Years back considering D2h will add HD channels, but they failed to add expected channels by showing the merger cause, even now they are not actively adding Regional HD channels,my investment on DVR was totally wasted due to their inefficiency There...
  6. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking Tata Sky Logo Size Reduced

    Hello Friends Tata Sky logo size reduced Source Thanks Satya
  7. Sateesh_Hyd

    Seeking Help How to connect my Wifi to TV using TATASKY HD Box

    Hello All I have recently moved from D2h to Tata Sky How to connect my Wifi to TV using TATASKY HD Box..Please share step by step Regards Sateesh
  8. Sateesh_Hyd

    Good News Shifted to TATA Sky from D2h

    Hello All I have shifted to TATA Sky from D2h Frd up with merger updates of D2h and no HD Channel addition is taking place. Regards Sateesh
  9. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking Test Slot in D2h

    Hello I found 2 un named slotted in blind scan. Captured the VIDs & PIDs when checked on STB One Test Signal with Blank Slot found Source
  10. Sateesh_Hyd

    Seeking Help Inputs required on OCTA AIR

    Hello All Appreciate if someone can add inputs on OCTA AIR OCTA AIR Regards Sateesh
  11. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking Colors to Start Telugu GEC Soon

    Hello All Colors to Start Telugu GEC Soon , Today I have visted "Voot" (which was colors online website to view serials & programme ) site and there was a new option added TELUGU Source Regards Sateesh
  12. Sateesh_Hyd

    DTH Updates HD Channels free on Dish Tv

    Hi All While browsing I saw an interesting article saying HD channels free till further notice Source https://imgur.com/gallery/w4b7J Regards Sateesh
  13. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking Zee Telugu HD & Zee Cinemalu HD Soon on D2h

    Hello All.. Good News to Telugu Viewers...Zee Telugu HD & Zee Cinemalu HD Soon on D2h Proof Regards Sateesh
  14. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking EPG Issue

    Hello All I have observed wrong EpG on telugu channels D2h EPG Issue https://imgur.com/gallery/eaxQy
  15. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking D2h Testing Kids Toons - Active

    Hello All Seems D2h is adding Active services from Dish Tv. I have identified this channel on FTA box Not sure this content belongs to Dish or D2h.Till morning ETV Regional content is available on this slot. Kids Active Kids Active Source
  16. Sateesh_Hyd

    DTH Updates D2h Survey with Time Warner Cable

    Hello All Seems D2h is willing to understand customer pulse (They could have run a survey here) Videocon d2h (VDTH) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) Head-To-Head Survey Regards Sateesh
  17. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking Jyotish Duniya added in 4 Slots @ 106,204,302 &492

    Hello All Jyotish Duniya added at 2 LCNs. @ 106 & 302 Don't know why adding 2 LCN with same content Jyotish Dunia added @ 106 Source Jyotish Duniya @ 302 Regards Sateesh
  18. Sateesh_Hyd

    DTH Updates Confusion on Maha Movies

    Hello All I have observed that D2h playing ads with Maha Movies logo on FTA box.The content in FTA box is different from home channels ads. Where as actual content is different in D2h box. But both of this are showing same logo with different content. Please add your comments by seeing both...
  19. Sateesh_Hyd

    Zee Telugu HD & Zee cinemalu HD launched

    Logos here.. Zee telugu Hd logo1 Source
  20. Sateesh_Hyd

    Breaking Jyotish India Testing by D2h

    Hello All Jyotish India Testing by D2h D2h Testing Jyotish TV Source Regards Sateesh
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