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  1. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Sun Direct app updated with new DPO packs

    Sun Direct Android app is asking to update but no update is available on play store. Looks like they are fixing something on app
  2. Kiran Reddy

    DTH Updates Dish tv registers Profit in Q1

    According to news article on Telugu newspaper, Dish TV has registered profit of 28 crores in first quarter of 2018 compared to loss of 12 crores in same quarter last year. Revenue increased from 740 crores to 1656 crores when compared to Q1 of last year. Average revenue per customer has...
  3. Kiran Reddy

    Breaking AP 24×7 Channel added by adtv

    Channel has been added on LCN924 as updated by @Arsh bro but showing error code 8 saying channel is not available.
  4. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Bought Airtel HD connection

    I booked Airtel HD connection from amazon (price:₹1340) yesterday (https://www.amazon.in/dp/B075TJHWVC/?tag=dreamdth-21) got it installed today afternoon. Got 1 month 199 plan with lot of free add-ons only thing I could recognize among them is Royal AP HD. Now I have Dish TV, Tata Sky, Sun...
  5. Kiran Reddy

    DDF Exclusive Toonami India Going to Shutdown from 15th May 2018

    Saw public notice on today's telugu newspaper that Toonami will not be available from 15th may 2018. Translation: This is to inform to Toonami viewers and MSO's that Toonami channel will stop transmission from 15 May 2018. Will not be telecasting anything from this date. - Turner International...
  6. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Bought new Sun Direct HD connection

    Hi Friends, I bought new Sun Direct HD connection last Sunday. I already have Dish and Tata sky so wanted to try different operator either Sun or Airtel.My friend is Sun direct sub dealer so I preferred Sun over Airtel as he can help me. Though some channels are missing on Sun Direct, almost...
  7. Kiran Reddy

    Good News MiniPlex at Just Re.1 for first month

    Today I received mail from Dish TV stating that Miniplex is available for Re.1 for the first month (original price is Rs.55 per month). To add this we need to call 18002741100 from Registered mobile number.
  8. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Dish TV recharge using mVisa by scanning QR code

    Today I could see that Dish TV has started option to recharge account by scanning QR code from mVisa like Tata sky, this is accessible from my account section on Dish TV. My account: Press blue button for next screen: QR Code on both the screens are working, I tested with PayZapp. Edit...
  9. Kiran Reddy

    Good News My Dish TV mobile App updated with new interface

    Today I received update on My Dish mobile app on my Android mobile, UI interface of the app has been given new look. App name has been changed to My Account-DishTv
  10. Kiran Reddy

    Seeking Help Suggest cheapest DTH for Telugu channels

    Hi Guys, One of my friend is looking to buy new dth connection. Requirements: 1) Would view only Telugu channels and only SD channels are enough. 2) Need dth which has minimum initial fee for new connection. 3) Would be good if monthly charge for Telugu channels is low. Would be booking...
  11. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Dish TV completes 14 years

    Source: Dish TV facebook page
  12. Kiran Reddy

    TataSky new referral offer - Dilao aur ₹300 pao!

    Tatasky seems to have launched new referral offer wherein for each successful activation you have referred, you will receive a benefit of Rs. 300 in your Tata Sky account. #TataSkyDilao aur ₹300 pao!
  13. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Ordered new Dish HD connection on Paytm

    Today I have ordered new Dish HD connection for my cousin on Paytm, effective cost is Rs.1299 after 225 Cashback from Paytm. Free package offered for first month is South Family sports with Full on HD pack. Looks like Dish tv themselves are selling this on Paytm as seller name is Dish Infra...
  14. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Zee Cinemalu telugu channel 1st Anniversary

    Zee Cinemalu, telugu movie channel is celebrating 1st anniversary. Pic from their website: Stars wishing Zee cinemalu on first anniversary Logo Pics:
  15. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Happy Birthday Power Star Pawan Kalyan!!

    Happy Birthday Power Star Pawan Kalyan!!
  16. Kiran Reddy

    Good News Ganesh Chaturthi special logos

    Guys adding some of the special Ganesh chaturthi logos. Star Maa Zee Telugu Zee Cinemalu Star Maa Music Star Maa Movies GTPL Cable
  17. Kiran Reddy

    GTPL cable services 11th anniversary

    Hi Guys, Looks like logo for GTPL cable services has been changed as part of their 11th anniversary celebrations here in Hyderabad. Recently our cable operator has shifted our connection from Digi cable to GTPL so do not know much about GTPL. I have seen their logo changed from today morning...
  18. Kiran Reddy

    Seeking Help Need help choosing base pack and addon's on tata sky hd

    Hi People, I need help in selecting pack on my new Tata Sky HD. I have 2 televisions, 43 inch full hd led tv and 21 inch normal CRT tv. I am currently using Dish HD with 43 inch led tv and tata sky hd with crt tv. I bought tata sky HD connection to be able to swap dth's between tv's. I am...
  19. Kiran Reddy

    Seeking Help Can we downgrade package on new connection during first month

    I am planning to buy new Tata Sky HD connection from tatasky.com. I could see that new HD connection cost is 2000 with any 1 month free pack (same for all packs). So I am planning to take new connection with highest pack HD Ultra pack. After I take the connection will I able to downgrade to...
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