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    Seeking Help Need some info regarding DTH and Tatasky

    Hello friends...I have been using siti cable all my life....all was great until TRAI rules comes in...was getting all channels at low cost...even got hd box of siti cable and getting all sd/hd channels @400...relationship with LCO was gud...however after trai rules no online channel selection...
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    Has your LCO implemented the TRAI rules ?

    in my case new pack activated on 5th feb...i m using siti cable....payment made online...those who can't pay online..lco is doing same for them..
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    Good News Massive addition in siti cable 19 hd and 60-70 hd channels added

    In Siti cable Delhi/up many hd and sd channels were added...however new pack migration still not happened..old pack is still active..so m not getting these channels...i don't know sd channels name as many are regionals like ss telegu,raj,mega..some hd channels that's added are:- Aajtak hd...
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    Breaking HD bouquet without HD channels

    bcoz siti doesn't have aajtak hd channel...
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    Star Sports HD4 & SD4 to discontinue

    I have a feeling this day will come when they launch seperate hindi channel...so when this will stop..so now ss tamil,may be in future seperate ss telegu,ss kannada,ss malyalam,ss punjabi,ss gujrati,ss kannada,bengali..people are already demanding ss bengali in this thread..... India is such a...
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    Star Sports HD4 & SD4 to discontinue

    yess bro ...it should be same with all languages bro...m a hindi commentary listener but i don't need scorecards in hindi..even i m not comfortable with that as i used to watch scorecard in english from childhood..there is no need of seperate hindi,tamil,telegu,kannada channel etc. .....
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    Star Sports HD4 & SD4 to discontinue

    +1...100% agree with post..one channel with different feeds (hindi,tamil,telegu,english etc) is sufficient...
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    DDF Exclusive Siti cable MP Channels list

    bro check pm please
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    Yeah....but then had to stuck with dishtv for 1 whole year :(
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    can i use full on hd pack with 99 rs pack in dishtv ?
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    they have 30 hd channels...but 2 important hd channels sab tv nd life ok which my family regularly watch are missing :)
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    Thank u bros for ur valuable inputs...thinking to go with dishtv as airtel doesn't have tej news channel..but will surely miss cable local channels and cheap packs for all sd channels...
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    Sony BBC Earth added on DEN Cable @ LCN 508

    DEN Also have same ui as others...
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    Hello bros...need your help..currently m using siti cable services @ 260 p.m...i have bought new led so plannning to upgrade to hd..siti cable is providing 30 hd channels along with all sd channels @ 400 p.m....as there are very few  hd channels m planning to go for dth connection...dishtv looks...
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    "Sony BBC Earth" DTH & Cable availability, promos out now on Sony network channels

    so its not coming on siti cable nd dishtv :(
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    {PICS} All 105 HD Channels on Fastway

    RE: {PICS} All HD Channels on Fastway great pics buddy...i envy all FW users ..btw r u still using siti cable ?
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    {Pics} All Local HD Channels on Fastway

    Wish there is fastway cable cable services in Kanpur.... :-/
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    DDF Exclusive Infinity Pack ALL SD+HD Channels: Rs.5999 Offer: Rs.5749

    RE: Infinity Pack: All HD and SD channels for 1 Year @Rs.5500/- Hello..help me pls..if i buy new airtel connection...can i opt for this pack ..or any other pack which will be more beneficial for me..?
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    "BIGG BOSS 9" {Prince Narula Wins the show}

    RE: "BIGG BOSS 9" {New Wild cards: Gizelle, Norah enter d house} today's episode was good...nd yeah even i vote for aman for second chance :)
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