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    Seeking Help Need some info regarding DTH and Tatasky

    Hello friends...I have been using siti cable all my life....all was great until TRAI rules comes in...was getting all channels at low cost...even got hd box of siti cable and getting all sd/hd channels @400...relationship with LCO was gud...however after trai rules no online channel selection...
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    Good News Massive addition in siti cable 19 hd and 60-70 hd channels added

    In Siti cable Delhi/up many hd and sd channels were added...however new pack migration still not happened..old pack is still active..so m not getting these channels...i don't know sd channels name as many are regionals like ss telegu,raj,mega..some hd channels that's added are:- Aajtak hd...
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    Hello bros...need your help..currently m using siti cable services @ 260 p.m...i have bought new led so plannning to upgrade to hd..siti cable is providing 30 hd channels along with all sd channels @ 400 p.m....as there are very few  hd channels m planning to go for dth connection...dishtv looks...
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    So at last epic channel added by siti cable..m waiting for this channel since its launch...also there is a good chance that it will add in Dishtv as both siti and dishtv are owned by same co. ...also all channels which are included in siti cable are in dishtv and vice versa...ss attached
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    &TV channel no. in Dth &MSOs

    Reliancedth-215 Videocon-115 Incablemumbai-115 GTPL(Gujurat)-6 Dencable-105 :):)
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    &TV added in Siti Cable(updated with channel ss)

    so good news folks &tv added in siti cable..it is expected as siti is subsidiary of zee..but for some reason it is not on my pack which is strange as i m in grand pack..m attaching screenshots.. pic quality is obviously bad as i have old crt :P:P:P :)
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    discovery ID is added in siti cable at lcn no 127.. siti cable z best in terms of channel addition and price :P here are some screenshots njoy new channel :) Hope now screenshot is visible..sorry for poor quality :)
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    zee zindagi screenshots

    zee zindagi launched zee zindagi added in siti cable at channel no.131 right now it is in testing phase.. no logo is showing on screen.. and it is showing don 2 at present moment :) if u wanna screenshot i will update but quality of ss would be bad :)
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