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  1. prasadbpotdar

    Need help on upgrade from HD PVR to HD Transfer Box

    Hi brilliant people..... Please help me with suggestions is it advisable to upgrade from HD PVR to HD Transfer box. What are the prime differences n features. How much it will cost me to upgrade??? Need your valuable inputs.
  2. prasadbpotdar

    Channels change information ticker stopped now on Wimbledon HD channels.

    Tatasky stopped channels change info ticker on star sports Hd channels. Here i had communication with them.
  3. prasadbpotdar

    News X HD added at LCN 512.

    Tatasky added News X HD on Channel Number 512. Enjoy.
  4. prasadbpotdar

    Rocking TataSky Services

    Dear All My connection was inactive since last 2 months. After getting frustrated with Airtel DTH got recharged TataSky with 100. Just within 5 minutes got call from Pune office to recharge with Rs 650 and get Supreme Sports Pack for 4 months. The same would have cost me Rs. 1360. After further...
  5. prasadbpotdar

    Substandard Airtel DTH service.

    Dear All It has been height now from airtel to get customers frustrated. Their technical n back end team is in deep sleep. 1. Color Marathi n Star Pravah HD channels launched on platform just 1 money back. Still today they are irritating customers by white info bar running continuously saying...
  6. prasadbpotdar

    People's DTH: TataSky.

    At this juncture of time and looking at the frame of DTH industry in India, TataSky has came up to such a benchmark that we subcribers are really overwhelmed. Tatasky touched our hearts and absolutely surging up and up with rocket speed. Today given HD Access Fee on eve on IPL is a very touchy...
  7. prasadbpotdar

    Safe custody activation

    Dear Friends I want to activate safe custody for 1 month. Please help with SMS code to activate safe custody for certain period. Reasons being going away. Thanks in advance.
  8. prasadbpotdar

    Activation of Max 35 HD Tamil Migration Top Up

    Dear Masters Please help me SMS Code to activate Max 35 HD Tamil HD Migration Top Up which has daily burning rate of Rs. 7.50. Tried calling CC n Airtel App but not getting added. Thanks in advance.
  9. prasadbpotdar

    Airtel logo screen position change.

    A sign of improvement by airtel hd for their customers as they have changed airtel logo position on star sports hd channels. I too had twitted and mailed to airtel about this and i had got reply regarding same. Now requested airtel to focus on EPG improvement like TataSky and small logo size on...
  10. prasadbpotdar

    Why no other DTH can beat TataSky.

    Dear All It has been really a concern why no other DTH can compete and be at par with service class of TataSky. All things are perfect with them. Less to mention, world class EPG, software, hardware, channels addition policy, non disturbing logo on screen, Picture n Audio quality, bright...
  11. prasadbpotdar

    Bad Audio Quality on few HD Channels.

    Guys I am experiencing very poor audio quality on few hd channels like MTunes HD, Star Gold HD n few more. Yesterday it seemed a bit well. But today its very poor on Sun Music HD also. Please reply with solution or is anyone else facing same problems. Thanks.
  12. prasadbpotdar

    Comparison of Base Packages

    Hi everyone. Firstly sorry if I have created a different thread for above subject. I am confused over following thing. Please guide me through..... I had Supreme Sports Pack. 315 per month. Now I activated Dhamal Mix Pack. N requested to add HD Addon for DMP in 95 Rs. P.M. Just missing sports...
  13. prasadbpotdar

    HD PVR Swap Charges

    Dear Friends My HD PVR got swapped last month due to the manufacturing defect from TataSky. Before doing swap their office didn't inform me about charges. My box is in warranty period till March 2016. After swapping next day Tatasky applied Rs. 870 including Rs. 170 service visit charges as swap...
  14. prasadbpotdar

    Help- How to watch Test Channels

    Hello The Mastermind of DTH. Please tell us the steps how to watch test channels of Airtel HD STB. I am having HD Recorder. Now experts are posting snaps of channles being tested like Nick HD Travel XP and FTV on airtel. Please share your knowledge and expertise. Thanks.
  15. prasadbpotdar

    Pathetic Airtel EPG

    I have been experiencing very pathetic an wrong EPG on so many channels so often. Today on Set Max HD for Indian movie starring Sunny Deol they are showing EPG of kamal hassan movie Indian i.e. Hindustani. On Marathi Home Minister program on ZEE Marathi Airtel showing EPG of Karnataka same...
  16. prasadbpotdar

    Help needed with HD PVR

    Dear Friends. I am having HD PVR installed. But since last few days I am facing some weird problems with this STB. Getting moderate electric current with outer panel and with this when I connect to home theatre it is producing annoying humming which is quite disturbing. Hence with this problem i...
  17. prasadbpotdar

    Digital Cable Tv OR DTH

    Dear all As we all know the ultimate deadline for cable TV digitization is 31st Dec 2015. Hence huge changeover is happening in television viewing. Considering dth charges will it be affordable to choose digital cable TV with STB or to continue with current DTH provider. Will this changeover...
  18. prasadbpotdar

    Sooryavansham On Set Max

    Dear All Please watch Sooryavansham on set max now. Great n record break repeated movie ever on Indian television.
  19. prasadbpotdar

    Best HD DVR: Airtel or TataSky

    Hi I want to know which is the best hd DVR in terms of audio n picture quality. I experienced on 5.1 home theater airtel supports Dolby digi plus. Please post your comments based on experience. Thanks for support.
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