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  1. zeeTAJ24seven

    Seeking Help Make Airtel login id

    Can someone make Airtel login email id for me?
  2. zeeTAJ24seven

    Seeking Help Can somebody change my airtel pack?

    I want to change my airtel pack to a pack containing all the hd channels atleast. Please somebody help in this regard.
  3. zeeTAJ24seven

    Ten Plus Topup and Max HD

    I want to know if Sony TEN HD channels are available in Max HD Topup or not? Which channels are included in Ten Plus Topup? All Sony Ten sd or HD? Do we need to subscribe Ten Plus Topup with Max HD Topup or not?
  4. zeeTAJ24seven

    Technicolor STB DOLBY Audio issue

    I have an issue with Tatasky technicolor stb. There is an option of Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus but it does not work. The sound is just ordinary.
  5. zeeTAJ24seven

    New to Tatasky. Need Pack details

    I have switched to Tatasky recently. I don't know much about the packs and HD access. Plz explain the packages which has maximum hd channels, and recommend the best package for me, that include all HD sports, documentary, music and some movie channels atleast. Thanks in advance.
  6. zeeTAJ24seven

    Seeking Help Recharged but channels not opening.

    I have recharged my Tatasky yesterday and received the message regarding the recharge but channels do not open. Only a message about a la carte is shown on each channel.
  7. zeeTAJ24seven

    Channels in Diamond HD ROI

    Which HD channels are not included in Diamond HD ROI pack?
  8. zeeTAJ24seven

    HD Channels ADTV should add

    I think to compete with tataSky, Airtel should atleast add these channels. SAB HD Animal Planet HD and (or) National Geographic Wild HD Travel XP HD SONY ROX HD and (or) Mtv beats HD. No doubt picture and audio quality is the best in Airtel but a few important channels are missing.
  9. zeeTAJ24seven

    ROI to My plan

    Can I move to My Plan 99 with Max hd @225 and alacarte channels? I,m a ROI customer.
  10. zeeTAJ24seven

    Can I move from ROI to South

    Can I move from ROI to South?
  11. zeeTAJ24seven

    ROI to South pack

    I am an Airtel ROI subscriber. Can I change to a South package?
  12. zeeTAJ24seven

    Add HDPlus topup

    Plz add HD Plus and CNN Topups to my Airtel pack.
  13. zeeTAJ24seven

    Add HD topup

    Please somebody add HD plus topup to my airtel package.
  14. zeeTAJ24seven

    Another Naaptol

    Agla naaptol kab aa raha hai? shiddat se intizar hai. most awaited channel
  15. zeeTAJ24seven

    Not getting Sony ESPN HD

    I,m not getting Sony ESPN HD in HD topup, is it not available with the topup ?
  16. zeeTAJ24seven

    Suggest HD pack

    Please suggest the best package with limited SD channels but most HD channels.
  17. zeeTAJ24seven

    Change my package

    Please change my airtel package to Magnum HD. I don't have email id.
  18. zeeTAJ24seven

    ADDON Removal

    How to remove ADDON online in d2h website? I want to remove Active music addon.
  19. zeeTAJ24seven

    d2h went behind

    d2h did not add Sony ESPN hd. Also lacks Max hd. They are now way behind tatasky and Dishtv.
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