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  1. sreevajhala

    Discussion Sony Ten No rewind or recording

    I understand DRM issues. But recently (just a few.minutes ago, I missed a wicket and replay so tried rewinding using HD+ box and got on screen messages that the events are not supported... I don't think I've ever seen this been before, is it because of the Sony Tata Sky rift?
  2. sreevajhala

    Seeking Help New packs added and migrated. But some FTA channels missing

    I have recently migrated from LDP to monthly pack. While the channels subscribed are all there. Only some FTA channels are there (while haven't selected in A La Carte), and some are missing and I am being asked to subscribe to those channels. :huh:
  3. sreevajhala

    Seeking Help Gemini News 1445 Broadcasting Sun Bangla

    Trying to report the issue where channel 1445 on TS is Gemini News (a Telugu channel, part of Sun Ultimate Pack). But to my surprise programming and channel logo is that of Sun Bangla Source
  4. sreevajhala

    Sad News Tatasky HD Multi TV is a Joke post TRAI's new implementation!

    While trying to figure out costs for Boquets and A La Carte Channels, I realised that based on the channels I selected, I was going to pay more than my existing South Platinum HD Pack. But having another connection with Multi TV Setup I wanted to know how much this will cost me and tried...
  5. sreevajhala

    Seeking Help LDP expires in 2 days

    My Platinum South HD expires in 2 days. I'm confused whether I have to proceed with renewing my plan or not? Can someone help me understand what to do? CC says I can renew for another year, but what if they drop channels after Jan 31 ?
  6. sreevajhala

    Zee Studio HD Audio Sync

    I'm not sure if this thread has been raised earlier, so apologise if it has been. There is a non-sync between audio and video of programming on Z studio HD, very minute about 30 milliseconds to a second. Can anyone else confirm the same?
  7. sreevajhala

    Tata Sky HD+ resetting

    I'm starting to face more and more troubles with tata sky off late. Earlier it was that programs were getting recorded automatically and I was unable to delete them from the hard disk. Only way to get rid of them was by formatting the hard disk. Now the set top box resets on its own when...
  8. sreevajhala

    Programs automatically recorded.. Cannot Delete

    Hi, I just registered on the forum and am not aware if a thread on the same issue has been opened. I have 3 HD+ DVRs and one problem I face on all of them is that programs are getting automatically recorded (Not a series recording) and I cannot delete such programs from my hard disk. The only...
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