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  1. Nilmech

    Seeking Help Favorite channel setting in d2h RF box

    Hi All, Can you tell me that, can we set favorite channels on latest d2h RF box? If so i want to purchase it. Please share your experience.
  2. Nilmech

    Want power module for d2h 1TB DVR STB.

    Want power module for d2h 1TB DVR STB
  3. Nilmech

    Seeking Help 1TB STB power module

    Hi all, I have d2h 1TB STB with recording facility. It's facing issue of automatic power off after 3-4 minutes of starting. Can anyone help me to get its power module? This box is now not provided by d2h and they offer simple HD STB in replacement. So pls help to get power module. Thanks.
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