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  1. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Channel Selection

    Hi.. Please help me out to select Channel's in my Primary & Mirror Connections separately.. I have 2 TV in my house but not able to do so..
  2. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Smart Card Not Paired

    Please resolve, My STB Not working from 1 week & showing Error E107-4 Smartcard not paired with STB. Customer ID I also complain to d2h on 13/03/2019 engineer also visited & install new STB but still my TV not started..
  3. myselfmks

    Seeking Help No Video

    I have purchased New Multi Tv mirror connection & d2h provided me 7000 HD RF STB & install with my MI 4A Pro LED TV. At the Time of installation d2h engineer attached A/V Red Yellow Blue cable but due to pixels & clarity issue, I have purchase HDMI cable by self and attach it to TV in HDMI port...
  4. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Satellite Management Code

    Hi please help me to find Satellite Management Code for My d2h 7000RF STB. Iam using digit but still not able to enter into satellite Management. .
  5. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Confusion In Price Of Monthly Package

    Hi Friends, Created my plan from website @ 432 PM inclusive GST but as per customer care team Plan active for Rs 542/- website also showing 432/- in my package. Which one is true; also I am still not getting all channels which was selected by me.
  6. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Monthly Package

    Earlier I had Active on 390 Plan package, But yesterday I changed it to 200 plan package + taken 1 Sports Add-on SS1,2 , Hindi 1, Sony Six & Sony ESPN for Rs 90/- Total Price Monthly 290, under 300 is a Good deal. Please suggest any other way to get maximum sports channels withIn Price...
  7. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Paytm

    Hi please anybody let me know how to permanently delete Paytm account.
  8. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Punjabi Channels In Popular Package

    Dear friends, Please provide Punjabi channels list that include Punjabi news channels too; which are available under d2h Popular 200 Rs package. d2h website showing incomplete info. I am Planning to change my package from Rs 390 to 200. P.m
  9. myselfmks

    Discussion Star Sports Select

    ENG Vs RSA Live matches telecasting on Star Sports Select, But d2h still not added this channel.. missing action from Exciting series..
  10. myselfmks

    Seeking Help Surrender d2h

    Hello, i want to discontinue my Videocon d2h STB cable service & want to switch to TATA Sky. i have INR 4000+ balance in my a/c.. pls tell me procedure for getting my money back & surrendering d2h.
  11. myselfmks

    M Tunes

    I am not getting M Tunes channel since last week.. its now removed from my favourites list too... channel band kar diya h kyaa m tunes walo ne? ?
  12. myselfmks

    Channel Hide Unhide

    How to Hide/Unhide channels in Videocon d2h HD6666 RF STB. I am not able to do it myself..
  13. myselfmks

    Music Channel Free

    Guys; I am getting d2h Music & d2h Spice Channels with New Gold Sports package.. Even I hadn't subscribe them. May be it's free for every subscriber.
  14. myselfmks

    Full TV Screen

    Yesterday at my home d2h service engineer visited they found my 2222 HD STB is faulty & replace it with new STB HD 6666 RF but after its installation I found that my TV screen not showing full picture. Please also let me know how to lock channels in this STB..?? Please Help me how to keep it...
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