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  1. Jp2211

    Alankar Tv Added To ADTV Tp in Testing

    Alankar tv
  2. Jp2211


    Hello guys.. After(6.09.2016) being an adtv user..I was using 16gb sandisk pendrive for recording purpose...it worked well until the mega lcn change...after that it's behaving like my old vD2H ...everything hangs ... Then I insert 8gb pendrive (got free with the stb)and works great...my...
  3. Jp2211

    MyAirtelApp issue

    Can't see the account details... Please check yours
  4. Jp2211

    Epg style change

    The upper part is gone now...from epg
  5. Jp2211

    price hike

    Wef 22nd November Now wef 29th November...thanks to deepu bro Economy sports South economy sporta Mega South mega packs will be revised
  6. Jp2211

    lcn change plates added

    Channel number information plates added now Lcn 118,139,159,191,228,253,484 etc
  7. Jp2211

    Roi Diamond hd topup @180 p.m.

    New pricing 180 Old price 165
  8. Jp2211

    Lcn change regarding mail to adtv

    I wrote like this....
  9. Jp2211

    Why Sab hd?

    Is that true?? As I know we adtv users don't have sab hd....but if somebody can help this... From Twitter... Translation: What is the benifit of Sab hd,if they don't telecast old episodes of TMKUC???
  10. Jp2211


    I want these.. Base pack 99 Hindi gec hd,sports hd,hindi movies hd,info hd, 1 year recording Sab sd(hd when available) All music channels,news channel All gujarati channel Relamchhel Current pack value prime sports 276 Help me how to activate this...by app or website!!!
  11. Jp2211

    & Tv Hd lcn changed to 113

    & Tv Hd lcn changed to 113
  12. Jp2211

    Got 32" tv as a prize

    Adtv is lucky for me...yesterday I installed new adtv hd and today morning I got a call from my newspaper agent that I have won the 2nd prize of 32" led tv...Don't know more about the tv...ss soon ... Tv yet to be delivered.... ;) Newspaper ss in Gujarati [url=http://postimg.cc/image/xkx782w33/]
  13. Jp2211

    Finally moved to Adtv

    Yeah... Finally moved to Adtv from d2h. Comparison....adtv is more ahead than d2h Hd and sd pq is awesome Aq is incredible Hardware and software are upto the mark... Thanks all dream dth members who helped me a lot to choose the best...
  14. Jp2211

    choosing best pack

    Hi..I am a d2h user..I have decided to move on..There are two dth provider,I want to shift to.Airtel and Tata sky...suggest me the best...I received a call from adtv offering me 1 month full hd pack,3 months recording,8gb pen drive,installation @ 1490 rs. Should I go for it.?? I am from...
  15. Jp2211

    moving from d2h

    Hi I am a d2h customer since 2013. My pack details as below Super gold sports kids pack(new) 400 pm Hd add on 150 pm Usb recording 30 pm Total 580 pm.. I recharge for 1 month for some reasons... After spending 580pm I am not getting all hd channels as d2h policy..that you already...
  16. Jp2211

    D2H HD STB after the recent update

    After the recent update..I have connected Bluetooth dongle and pen drive via usb hub..but pvr removes automatically msg appears..and when I try to pause live tv...stb hangs a lot...I have to restart stb to get normal screen...please help me guys.
  17. Jp2211

    D2H HD STB

    Videocon is doing a nice job here...we are waiting for more hd channels...but think....d2h gives hd stb with usb unlimited recording at an affordable price..and after the latest update we can use Bluetooth dongle with our stb..with d2h smart remote app ..we can use our smartphone as a remote..we...
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