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  1. Asad Afzal

    Ordered New Videocon D2H Connection

    Two Days Ago, Due to High Recharge Price of airtel in Pakistan, Shift to Videocon D2H. New connection installed yesterday. I observe good PQ of SD channels as compared to airtel but HD quality is almost same. Main Reason of Shifting to Videocon is Recharge, in airtel my package price was...
  2. Asad Afzal

    Completed 1 Year in DDF

    Today I completed one year in lovely DDF. Now a days I am very busy so can't contribute to DDF but I assure that I will do my best for this forum.
  3. Asad Afzal

    Tracked YahSat 52°E

    Today I tracked YahSat , in middle Paksat 38°E ( C Band ) below are some pics Signal Strength
  4. Asad Afzal

    Related to account recharge

    Please Any dealer help me. I recharged my account on 17th August before recharge pop up was coming and after recharge pop up was not coming. Before my account validity was 20th August and today my account Is suspended by airtel due to no amount present in my account.
  5. Asad Afzal

    ZoomTV LCN will change to 393 from 16 Aug

    Zoom TV LCN will be changed to 393 from 16 August.Scroll running on channel. Currently its on 128.
  6. Asad Afzal

    Check Your IQ Level

    Check Your IQ and share it here just for fun: IQ Test
  7. Asad Afzal

    Geo TEZ int is now FTA on paksat

    Geo TEZ int is now FTA on Paksat 3729 V 29720
  8. Asad Afzal

    Network Prefence Option Added in User Settings

    Some SS Menu>System Settings>User Settings>Network Prefence
  9. Asad Afzal

    24News is now in HD on Paksat

    24 News is now in HD on paksat 3770 V 7699
  10. Asad Afzal

    Saama TV coming soon on paksat

    Note - copy pasting not allowed here, leaving this time, Action will be taken if done again.
  11. Asad Afzal

    Essel Group Completed 90 years

    Today, Essel Group Completed its 90 Golden Years, Saw this on ZEE TV HD.
  12. Asad Afzal

    ZENAT TV started on Paksat 1R

    Zenat TV started at Paksat 1R Frequency 4038 V 4800
  13. Asad Afzal

    VSH NEWS started on Paksat 1R

    VSH NEWS started at Paksat 1R Frequency 3992 V 2170
  14. Asad Afzal

    7 NEWS Started on Paksat 1R

    7 News Started at Paksat 1R Frequency 3784 V 2950
  15. Asad Afzal

    Home Network Setup Option added in STB

    Home Network Option Added in STB below are pics
  16. Asad Afzal


    Ptv Sports 2 and Ptv Gold will launch on 1st June 2016. Ptv Sports 2 (@PtvSports2_PK) on Twitter
  17. Asad Afzal

    11640 V symbol rate changed

    11640 V Symbol Rate changed from 30000 to 32700. This news was early posted by divakar mba and i confirm it and felt that this news deserve a new thread.
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