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    Seeking Help How to drop FTA channels?

    Hello guys! How to drop channels from NCF. Its not allowing me to select NCF channels. It automatically selecting 102 channels and charging me 176 rupees. Please help.
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    how to scan for channels in Hathway set top box?

    Please help me! I am using hathway HD set top box in Hyderabad. There is no option anywhere how to scan or tune for new channels and transponders.
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    no signal on home transponder

    I am not getting any signal on home transponder. I am getting good signal on asiasat. I tried rotating the LNB still no luck. Is it a LNB problem? Please help me.
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    channel UFX will be removed from dish tv

    Channel UFX will be removed from dish tv from 15th jan.
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    MCPL cable operator testing HD channels

    Hello our cable operator (MCPL) is testing HD channels on SD box. There are no HD boxes distributed until now or no word about HD boxes, but they are testing the HD channels such as asian tv HD, NHK world HD, MCPL HD, Mtunes HD. We are having SD box and the channels are in blank screen. How is...
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    Dish tv removed upscaled zee cafe

    Dish tv removed upscaled zee cafe HD @ LCN 35.
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    problem with dish tv remote

    Hello I am using dish tru hd+. My problem is when ever I try to change channels or press any command on remote its responding with lot of delay. Sometimes delay is more than 1 minute. Channels not changing instantly. I changed different batteries. Tried different set of new batteries...
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    HBO defined temp FTA

    I am getting HBO defined on south platinum sports full-on HD pack.
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    dish box office 2

    Dish box office 2 will be available on LCN 220 from April 24th onwards.
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    some channels showing no signal

    I am new to dish tv. Some channels like star utsav, dd national etc are showing no signal.
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    starsports believe

    Star Sports showing star sports believe advertisement as coming soon, maybe another sports channel from star network.
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