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    Green line on Sony Ten 1 HD?

    It is the border noise from broadcaster side. Some people do not see it due the different aspect ratio of tv. Some tv are designed to show full picture and some cut borders by a few mm. I suggest you to manually adjust the aspect ratio of tv to hide it. Similar issue was on HBO HD on top...
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    Good News Tatasky brings Binge+ OTT on personal devices

    Hi, Tatasky launched a portal to access OTT apps subscribed through monthly rental on TV to personal devices. I tried to access the portal but it seems it is still in development phase. www.tataskybinge.com Source: Exclusive: Tata Sky to address big concern of users; Binge content will soon...
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    Seeking Help Is Anyone facing lip sync issue on tatasky

    Me too facing on android box
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    Discussion AV sync issue

    Has anyone experienced Audio Video sync issue on Binge box? It is a random issue on some channels and it becomes correct after some hours. Still I feel that there is a very minor lag (100ms) on all the channels.
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    Good News Upgraded to Tata Sky Binge+

    Hello friends I am a regular reader of this forum from last 7-8 years and a tata sky subscriber from last 11 years. After reading multiple reviews of Binge+ STB, finally yesterday I upgraded my 8 year old Samsung HD STB to Binge+ Till now, my viewing experience is good and following is my...
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    Seeking Help No Audio in TataSky HD Settop Box

    Also check with connecting optical port on stb to tv
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    Breaking All users will be migrated to new TRAI Tariff by 31st March 2019

    I am on ldp till now. My ldp expiring in Jan 2021.
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    Breaking All users will be migrated to new TRAI Tariff by 31st March 2019

    I was subscribed to platinum hd annual pack which is active till Nov 2019. But after the new rules and prices I upgraded my plan to 2 year platinum hd pack in last week of Jan 2019 (before 1st feb when new rules would get into effect) and till now my 2 yr plan is active. I hope TS would spare...
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    DTH Updates The Price Hike will be applicable from 2nd May, 2018

    I have technicolor HD box. Getting this message from last 3 days. Even if I delete/read this message, it again comes after few hours. My stb again shows yellow alert while I am writing this post.
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    DTH Updates The Price Hike will be applicable from 2nd May, 2018

    I am getting this msg daily on my box. Which pack is this? Currently I am on Platinum HD annual pack.
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    Shift To Tata sky Frm Videocon d2h

    For some people experience matters more than money.
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    What might happen to Tata Sky after Insat 4A expiration!

    Satellites can work after expiration time until their batteries have good enough charge to hold and to recharge themselves to work and also on less amount of dirt accumulated on their solar panels.
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    Seeking Help Check the resolution of HD channels in Tata Sky HD

    I bet you can't make any difference in PQ of newsx and newsx hd. :p
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    How can Times now hd and NewsX channel hd be called as hd channels

    They do have HD cameras, its is not a big deal for them. Actually most of the content on news channels are either sourced live or to be transmitted asap after it was shot. Such content is indeed shot in HD but not uplinked in HD format by their vans through satellite, hence result in low...
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    TS World Series HD added @ LCN 202

    The production quality of promos is too good. Nice content creation by tata sky.
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    Good News Bharat QR 50% Additional Balance offer is back - Recharge now!

    Offer valid from 27th jan. Tata Sky- mVisa service , Tata Sky recharge
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    Took new Tatasky HD connection and facing few issues

    Dont settle for repaired box for exchange. You took a new connection with new set top box so ask for new sealed box replacement rather than a repaired old one.
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    4 SD & 2 HD time shift chnls to launch on 12 sept

    Why TS not launching +1 channels from STAR?
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    TS Program Guide load time

    If you want to retain the program guide in stb standby mode, then turn off the "Power Saving Mode" in Power Saving Settings and just turn off the stb from remote. If you switch off the stb power from mains, the program guide get erased and loads within 1 hour for all the channels (upto next...
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    HBO HD LCN Changed to 363

    Video is too zoomed in and missing subtitles.
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