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    Seeking Help Not getting HD channels

    Bro i need help i am getting only SD channels not getting any HD channels signal level r gud in HD channels i am getting only blank screen but i able to see EPG wht to do now
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    Seeking Help Need picture setting fr sony 43inch full HD tv

    Bro help me with picture setting fr sony 43 inch full Hd tv i am using sundirect HD stb i need correct picture setting fr my tv fr best viewing help me pls
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    Breaking Sundirect added Starsports Select1 at LCN 514

    Guys gudnews sundirect added starsports select1 at LCN 514
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    Breaking Recording issue got fixed in stb HS3A01 after OTA update

    Gud news is now able to record HD channels after OTA update and fr HBO HD channel they added subtitle option and its showing dolbydigital in all HD channels in EPG at right corner but don't no how to avail subtitle option fr HBO HD anyway they fixed big recording issue happy with sundirect
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    DTH Updates I am getting software update fr stb model HS3A01

    Software update is going on fr stb model HS3A01 if they fix HD recording bugs it will be gud let hope fr best
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    Breaking Imayam tv will be removed shortly by sundirect

    Sundirect is going to remove tamil channel Imayam TV from its platform due to capacity constraints scroll is running on imayam tv by sundirect LCN 142
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    DTH Updates Multi Audio option Removed from Discovery jeet HD & SD

    Bro multi audio option removed from discovery jeet Hd and SD channel first they removed multi audio option in (TS,Airtel,Videocon now SD) i think broadcaster removed multi audio option
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    Discussion Dreamdth

    Sundirect going to add few HD channel in December month or not
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