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    Change Package - Regional Channels

    I am using south jumbo family(Rs.220) with Game on HD Pack (Rs.165). As a part of regional channels i selected kannada language, But i am not getting all the kannada channels like udaya, ETV etc.... as i am using dishtv outside india, i cant call CC - 180...... Can anybody help me here...
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    free channels

    i am having LG LED tv with inbuilt satellite receiver. Presently i am using dish tv.  If i dont recharge dish tv with same direction can i get FTA channels or do i need to align dish.
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    Dish Tv - FTA channels not available

    I am using dish tv in kuwait. All the FTA (DD free dish) channels not available in our place. Presently we use 6feet dish. Can anybody guide me what are the options to get all those channels.
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    What is the Reason - some TP signal is very weak

    I am just curious, can any expert explain me the reason for some TP signal is very weak (12050 H 45000) - dish tv
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    Channels not available

    Guys, I miss some channels in the noon time like public tv, zing, ftv, sri sankara etc. but those available in the morning and night. Can any body clarify the reason please These channels belongs to which tp? is that tp signal low? can i rectify it in receiver itself?
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    Can we get 99 Rs pack and Add on HD

    Can we select 99 Rs pack (South) and add on HD in dish TV.
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    Downgrade Pack

    Anybody can help me here to downgrade the pack
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    How to cancel Add on Entertainment packs

    Presently i am enjoying south family sports + Games on HD. Today mistakenly i added 3 entertainment add on packs like maha ent., Hindi Ent. & Discovery with total 75 Rs. Guys please guide me, can i cancel these 3 packs extra i added. As per CC i have to use till locking period of 29days. Is...
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    Dish Tv South Packs

    Somebody can share me the pack details of dish tv for south. Is their template available to download. As i am using it in UAE, our dish tv internet access got blocked.
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    signal issue

    Signal low for some channels like zing. WE. Amrita. 9xjalwa. Srisankara. Al jazeera. God tv etc. Morning time I am getting all these. But noon nd evenig time it shows signal not found. These channels belongs to which tp? How can increase strength. technician done the tuning. He says signal...
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    dish tv recharge mini pack

    i have unused STB. Today just i went online (dishtv application) and tried to recharge and it shows mini pack with Rs 89. guys do you have any idea of mini pack? what kind channels i can get.
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    Unused dish tv SD receiver

    I have dish tv SD receiver, not using from 2 years. When i am checking online i can access through dish tv online site(receiver not belongs to my name). Presently i am using dishthrou+ HD reciever. What i can do with old one?
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    Is there any option to update dishtv software

    Is there any option to update dishtv software or is it necessary to do so.
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    What i the difference between zing digital and dishtv DTH

    Guys, Can anybody clear my doubt regarding the difference between zing digital and dishtv DTH.
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    India - Westindies Series channel request

    i am the dish tv user. India - Westindies Series match available in which channel. i am using south family sports - so i am missing sports 1,2,3 & 4
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    dish tv - discontinue the service for one month

    I am a dish tv user. For one month we are travelling out and unable to use dish tv. Is there any option to discontinue the service for a month period, without loosing the subscription or extend the validity for one month of that period.
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    Dish Tv - downgrade pack

    I want to downgrade my base pack. As per CC only 1 time we can do that in a month (already done). Can anybody help me to that.
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    Problem with dish tv thruHD+ receiver

    My dish tv thruHD+ receiver restart automatically each time (continuous). When each time restart it shows EPG updating and it will go 4% or 50% sometimes and again restart. - Always green light is on -Removed all wires and re fixed. Can anybody help me to fix it...
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