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    Good News Tatasky brings Binge+ OTT on personal devices

    Hi, Tatasky launched a portal to access OTT apps subscribed through monthly rental on TV to personal devices. I tried to access the portal but it seems it is still in development phase. www.tataskybinge.com Source: Exclusive: Tata Sky to address big concern of users; Binge content will soon...
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    Discussion AV sync issue

    Has anyone experienced Audio Video sync issue on Binge box? It is a random issue on some channels and it becomes correct after some hours. Still I feel that there is a very minor lag (100ms) on all the channels.
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    Good News Upgraded to Tata Sky Binge+

    Hello friends I am a regular reader of this forum from last 7-8 years and a tata sky subscriber from last 11 years. After reading multiple reviews of Binge+ STB, finally yesterday I upgraded my 8 year old Samsung HD STB to Binge+ Till now, my viewing experience is good and following is my...
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    Tatasky upgrading STB software on 2nd July

    Tatasky upgrading stb software between 12am and 1am on 2/7/2016 Scroll running on food food channel.
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    Tata Sky may increase HD Access fee

    Tata Sky may increase HD Access fee to Rs 2100 (for annual subscription) Currently it is Rs 1925 per annum. Source: Written new price in tata sky website in online offers section as shown below.
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    Hindi audio added in FOX Life HD

    Tatasky added hindi audio in fox life hd.
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    Star Sports channels LCN changed on Tata Sky

    New Star Sports Channels LCN's are: Star Sports 2: 405 Star Sports 3: 407 Star Sports 4: 409 Star Sports HD1: 404 Star Sports HD2: 406
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    Free 4K channels during ICC World Cup 2015

    Hi, Tata Sky will provide free access to 4K channels to subscribers who will have a 4K box during world cup. Following is the screenshot. :lol * HD access fees apply.
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    Purchasing new DISH set top box options

    Hi All, I am planning to buy new Dish TV SD connection. Which SD set top box should I buy among the following? 1. Dish SD silver box without recording 2. Dish+ black box with USB recording I am not a big fan of recording feature but still its good to have this recording option. All I want is...
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    Tata Sky Corporate offers

    Here is the link to avail Tata Sky corporate offer for online purchase. http://www.tatasky.com/wps/portal/tatasky/buytatasky/corporateoffershome What I can notice is that in corporate offer 1 month free is extra given on base pack package. Here is the regular price for online sales...
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    CNBC Prime HD not available

    CNBC Prime HD not available on tata sky on lcn 523. It is showing technical failure from broadcaster. Other dth also facing same?
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    Hindi EPG on Z Cinema

    EPG is in hindi on Z Cinema 307
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    Showcase 282 going to be removed

    Showcase channel on LCN 282 is going to be removed from 26th March. No EPG available after 25th March.
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    HBO Premium SD

    Hello, In Dish TV, If I subscribe HBO Premium HD channels at Rs 99 pm, then will I get HBO Premium SD channels free of cost or I have to subscribe them separately for secondary SD TV? Gautam
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    Showcase 3D on 1st & 2nd Feb 2014

    Showcase 3D will be available on 1st & 2nd Feb 2014. Movie: Cars 1 & 2 in 3D Source: mytatasky.com UPDATE: Portal also showing selection of 3rd Feb along with 1st & 2nd Feb.
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    Movies Now SD aspect ratio changed again

    Hello, Aspect ratio of Movies Now SD back to 4:3. Don't know this change is from broadcaster or Tata Sky. Few months back broadcaster changed aspect ratio to 16:9. I think its a good move as they already have HD format in 16:9. SD channels should be in 4:3 for non-HD TV's.
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    Tata Sky increases Star World Premiere HD long duration pack price

    Tata Sky increases Star World Premiere HD long duration pack price New price: Monthly: Rs 60 Semi-annually: Rs 360 Annually: Rs 600 Old price: Monthly: Rs 60 Semi-annually: Rs 300 Annually: Rs 500
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    Tata Sky stops services automatically when not used

    Hello, Why my secondary TV services are stopped by Tata Sky when secondary TV not watched for few days? To resume the secondary tv services I need to send sms SR to 56633. What this SR command do? :huh
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    Subtitles soon on Star World Premiere HD

    Subtitles soon on Star World Premiere HD on user demand Following is the information from Facebook page:
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