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    Skip unsubscribed channels in Airtel Calcomp HD HEVC

    What is Airtel Calcomp HD HEVC box?
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    LPL T20 satellite Rights Sold

    Sony network India sold the satellite Rights of Lanka Premier League 2020,as scheduled to start from November 2020.
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    Raj Music Tamil set to be launch

    Raj Music Tamil set be launch on September 7th from Tatasky dth
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    DDF Exclusive Cbeebies will be added tonight

    Any update about upcoming tamil channels on airtel dth
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    Registered mobile number

    Email me bro - Mod note: Don't share your personal details here it's against our forum rules.
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    Sun TV HD sound issue on airtel tv

    I am getting stuck sound for sun tv from afternoon in airtel dth, its only for me or any one getting this issue
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    Upcoming tamil channels on airtel

    I think upcoming channel should be music channel
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    Upcoming tamil channels on airtel

    What is the upcoming tamil channels on airtel tv, any buddy knows about it?
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    Seeking Help Thinking to buy a sundirect SD connection for my Grandpa home

    Go for d2h or dish tv because they have plan for 170 that's includeding all the tamil channels except raj group
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    DDF Exclusive Vendhar TV will be added tonight

    Airtel started to adding tamil channels 😍😍
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    Seeking Help Tata Sky or Airtel dth

    Both are same, but if you want good audio quality and video quality for HD channels go for airtel
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    Registered mobile number

    I don't know registered mobile number for this videocon d2h, please anyone can tell me Customer I'd - 122756540
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    Breaking Malar tv added on intelsat 17

    When will be the channel launch?
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    Customer id unavailable issues

    In my Airtel hd box, it's doesn't show customer id and RTN no, any one please help me
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    Videocon full hd set top box

    Email me - Mod note: Don't share your personal information openly .
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    Videocon full hd set top box

    I am selling used videocon full hd box From Sri Lanka Price LKR 1800
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    DTH Updates Unable to View Customer ID & RTM

    Bro for I also have that problem, I'll send stb I'd can u send me customer id
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    Which has good quality

    My priority is hd channels
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    Which has good quality

    I am planning to move to new dth, currently I am using d2h, which dth currently have good quality airtel or tatasky please suggest me
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