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  1. manig

    Seeking Help Bollywood Premiere new movies?

    I subscribed to TS Bollywood Premiere HD few weeks ago. I thought they will show a new movie every week or 15 days. I just checked their schedule and they will still show Sachin in August. What is this? How long will they show it? Whole year?
  2. manig

    Seeking Help All HD channels at one place

    TataSky should add an option to list all HD channels at on place. I know there is a category wise sorting guide where we need to click Entertainment, Movies etc etc. It should also have the option to show ALL the HD channels. Or they should club all HD channels as Videcon d2h has done. In...
  3. manig

    Breaking Zindagi (previously Chn 164) becomes Online OZEE

    Zindagi channel moves to OZEE, to telecast uncensored shows
  4. manig

    Breaking Zindagi (Chn 164) becomes Online OZEE

    Zindagi channel moves to OZEE, to telecast uncensored shows
  5. manig

    Signal Conversion HDMI to Component possible?

    I just shifted all my 4 videocon d2h HD connections at home to TataSky HD. Everything is working fine except I have one issue. One of my LCDs HDMI ports were blown during lightning. My old d2h STB had built in HDMI + Component ports (Red/Blue/Green). But TataSky HD has only HDMI and RCA...
  6. manig

    Selling HD d2h 2244 stb 3 units

    I want to sell my 3 stb's of d2h, all are 2244 with RF remotes. Anyone interested please let me know. I am shifting to TS.
  7. manig

    TS HD vs D2H HD

    I am slowly making the shift from Videocon d2h to TataSky. I had 5 d2h HD connections. Now I have four d2H and one TataSky HD (installed two weeks ago). Here is a comparison I would like to make: Pros: - More HD channels  :hd :tup Cons: - TataSky HD has only 1080i (interlaced scan) whereas...
  8. manig

    New South HD channels added in ROI packs

    This is a request message for all ROI (Rest of India) subscribers of D2H. Please write to D2H to replace the two South HD channels (Mazhavil Manorma HD 990 and AsianetHD 991) from all ROI packs with some Hindi or English HD channels. They can add as many South HD channels in their...
  9. manig

    EPG issue

    No EPG coming for Star Movies Select HD since last 3 days. Today not even Movies Now HD is showing. Just current and next movie are shown. Anyone else noticed this? This is not good if you plan to record a movie.
  10. manig

    HD Addon (feature request)

    I am sure there are many people who prefer to watch only HD channels. I request you guys to write to VideoconD2H to introduce a new HD Addon so we get to see all HD channels with any base pack. For example, if we have basic Super Gold pack, we opt for this HD Addon and get all HD channels...
  11. manig

    2244 STB review

    I already had 2222 STB from last year and ordered a new multiroom connection. Received Videocon 2244 STB. The box it was packed in says 'Model: SDHD 556-B' and 'Manufactured: June 2014'. Comparison between 2222 (download id 18) and 2244 (download id 17) - The remote control...
  12. manig

    Videocon D2H vs DishTV (HD channels)

    Comparison between Videocon D2H and DishTV HD channels based on ANNUAL recharge. Videocon D2H Platinum @ Rs. 480/pm = 22 HD channels (includes two flop channels i.e. CNBC and 3D) SuperGold @ Rs. 337/pm = 11 HD channels DishTV NewSuperFam+SuperFamLifeOnHD @ Rs. 387/pm = 28 HD channels (24...
  13. manig

    2222 STB updated

    Received update this morning. Pros: - EPG loading times are now perfect. Earlier it took several minutes to update. - Pressing VOD button on remote opens 'Recorded Videos' list. - Boot time is bit fast. - UI is nice. Cons: - Pressing BLUE button while viewing recorded programs no longer shows...
  14. manig

    Editing Recordings on 2222

    When viewing a recorded video, press the 'BLUE' button on remote and a menu to cut, split the video pops up. But when I press OK to cut/split the selected range, a menu comes up saying 'PLEASE WAIT'. Then nothing happens. The menu remains on screen and only way to make it disappear is to...
  15. manig

    External HDD not formatting with 2222 stb

    I have recently installed VideocondD2H 2222 HD box with which you can attach any USB for recording. It formatted my 8GB pen drive perfectly and it worked. But its not formatting my Seagate FreeAgent 320 GB External HDD. :wall It starts formatting but after 4-5 minutes says disk unusable...
  16. manig

    Notification received (But no update)

    I received the Software Update notification a while ago: When I pressed OK the software download screen appeared but showed some Error codes after 5% download. The box reset itself and the same screen appeared again. I tried again but same error. Then I switched off the box and...
  17. manig

    HD cost comparison: VideconD2H vs TataSky

    TataSkyHD 12 HD Channels for 1 year Mega HD pack: Rs. 6400 Rs. 533 pm VideoconD2H HD 22 HD Channels for 1year + 50 days!! Gold HD: Rs. 4420 Rs. 323 pm Even though VideoconD2H HD quality is just a bit lower than TataSkyHD... Videocon wins hands down because of its cost and number of HD...
  18. manig

    Good Signal Quality = Good Picture Quality?

    "There is basically no correlation between signal quality and picture quality, until you get to the point of picture loss. As in, a decrease in signal quality does not have a corresponding decrease in picture quality. This is a common misconception." Is this true? :wall I am from...
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