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  1. Niranjan M

    DTH Updates Maha Mazza Is Replaced By T Tv

    LCN 635 Maha Mazza Is Replaced By T Tv Source
  2. Niranjan M

    DTH Updates English Audio Feed Added In Both Jeet Prime And Jeet Prime HD

    As I said earlier, audio feed added by today Source
  3. Niranjan M

    Breaking Zee Keralam Added by Sun Direct

    LCN 206 Source
  4. Niranjan M

    Sun Direct users can continue old packs including LDPs

    As per the latest update from nodal team, If customer want to continue with the existing pack, they can, even for Long term recharge also If not you can opt to new Tarrif as per TRAI rules Once you have opted to new Tarrif you cannot be roll back to the old plan There won't me any discount for...
  5. Niranjan M

    Breaking Sun Bangla Added

    LCN 620
  6. Niranjan M

    Breaking Star Sports 1 Telugu Added

    LCN 511 Source
  7. Niranjan M

    Good News Malayalam audio added in Sony YAY

    Update : As i said earlier, Malayalam audio added IMG_20180426_143838 — Postimage.org Note: Sun direct neglected to add Bengali audio as i said earlier I request all the sun direct customers to get in touch with your respective nodal team By this, soon it will be available
  8. Niranjan M

    Sad News Zee Tamil HD

    As per the ZEEL confirmation, Zee Tamil HD addition won't be happen anymore in Sun Direct DTH platform :mad: IMG_20180425_190114 — Postimage.org Note: When i contacted the Zee Tamil Corporate Office they said, we already provided both SD and HD feed to Sun Direct DTH platform but it was not...
  9. Niranjan M

    Good News CN HD+ added

    Lcn 969 Source Multi audio option is also available Source
  10. Niranjan M

    Good News Multi Audio Option Added In WION

    Now Hindi and English audio is available to choose in this channel Source
  11. Niranjan M

    DTH Updates Update Regarding HBO HD channel subtitle issue

    Update Regarding HBO HD subtitle issue: I got a call from nodal by this morning regarding my escalation of this issue They said we have 3 type of series box currently U, Y,and N series box They said, Among them U and Y having this subtitle issue for this channel alone, so we working on the...
  12. Niranjan M

    Good News 5 SD channels added

    Lcn 138 Lotus News Source Lcn 228 Reporter Tv Source Lcn 227 Mangalam Source Lcn 605 Goodness Source Lcn 371 Mtv Beats Source
  13. Niranjan M

    DTH Updates 5 HD channels added

    Cineplex HD added in Lcn 886 Source Source Disney International added in Lcn 968 Source Zee telugu hd added in lcn832 Source Mtv beats HD added in Lcn 892 Source Colors Bangla hd added in Lcn 897 Source
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