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  1. smtkumar120

    Best English pack by broadcast bouquet D2H

    2 best English pack is running under budget Sony happy india 15 Rs HD ( Sony bbc earth & Pix HD ) Same 12 SD - Zee SD new 15 rs - Zee cafe - Zee zest - wion & plix ..
  2. smtkumar120

    Good News Dd free dish in D2H box

    Scan DD free dish TV channel via dish tv in my HD BOX - 5004 HD DD national HD ( without logo DDFD)
  3. smtkumar120

    Recive DD free dish in D2h HD box

    Scan DD free dish TV channel via dish tv in my HD BOX - 5004 HD DD national HD ( without logo DDFD)
  4. smtkumar120

    Sad News 9xm music convert in to Ala cart

    Now 9xm free add in to ala cart.. When i AM tring to add by ala cart then add with 10 Rs with hindi Religion satsang - pace of mind & god Tv in Ala cart ...) vh1 not showing to ala cart.
  5. smtkumar120

    New messages received D2H .. With Dream DTH Logo

    Yes ' i am suscriber of D2H also Today. I recieved a offer message from logo & name of DREAM DTH & redirect to D2H site .. Screen Shot of my Mobile :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :ouch: :huh:
  6. smtkumar120

    Dhoom NEWS HD showing movie

    Dhoom News HD is showing song/movie from Today. No channel name.. 11493/v/2600
  7. smtkumar120

    HBO & WB shut Down they are ready to launch HBO MAX in India

    According to one news , HBO company will launch HBO MAX between January to March 2021 any time.. It will be OTT based & now running in various another country. in India will launch soon. Source - HBO TV Channel Signs Off Forever, Sets Stage For HBO Max India Entry! Image source- binged..
  8. smtkumar120

    Free to air channel on 88.east D2h

    Date 27 November 2020 Pormotion channel Dish tv fitness active D2h positive ( corona) Dish info D2h info south Home HD V7000 Zero Days Customer care ( list on pay chanel ) State Active ( shradha one - Mpeg 2 box HD box not provide this features) Karma Ayrveda ( 1.2&3) Home 1 channel ( 3 time...
  9. smtkumar120

    Seeking Help What is best time for set DD free dish

    I am Trying to set DD free dish G SAT 15 but signal show 4 to 5. At this time What will be best timing for DD free dish Location - Gurgaon
  10. smtkumar120

    D2h offers & Discount..

    D2h cash back offers on paytm & more..offers by mail..
  11. smtkumar120

    Breaking Itv india news remove from Mpeg2 dd freedish

    Yes remove I TV network india news removed from Dd free dish mpeg 2 box. Tp - 11090/29500
  12. smtkumar120

    Discussion Too many Bhojpuri Movie Channels on DD Free Dish

    One more bhojpuri movie channel / Dhinchaak showing south dubbed bhojpuri movie .... After 2 Days start bhojpuri movie at 4 pm slot ..... :wall: :wall::cry::cry:
  13. smtkumar120

    Blue Channel logo update & new movie showing

    Wow blue channel logo update shift in right side & showing new movie with High quality..
  14. smtkumar120

    DD Channel changed - DD hisar to Haryana

    Yes , DD hisar name change to DD haryana. But showing covid 19 program & eve news hisar news to pradeshik news..
  15. smtkumar120

    Retro Tv added on LCN 03 on Dd free dish

    Dd free dish Dd it look like spitural tv channel On the Tp on 11551/v/29500
  16. smtkumar120

    DD hisar start 24*7..

    Yes DD hisar start 24*7.. for everyone.. crunntly running DD NEWS /DD India program..
  17. smtkumar120

    Abzy cool showing tv serial list during movie.

    Yes , abzy cool tv channel showing some tv serial list on channel with new slogan.. Abzy jalso new and azure me - Shree Ganesh OM nmhe shiyae Payar me sawdhan...& more..
  18. smtkumar120

    Shemaroo TV - Programs, Availability and all information

    Wow Shmearoo tv ads showing on FUN tv with new logo...
  19. smtkumar120

    Prasar Bharati invites applications for allotment of MPEG-2 slots on DD FREE DISH through e-auction

    Wow 44 e auction held in 24 FAB 2020.. new channel will add on this e auction.
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