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  1. Nikhil3

    Sony Six HD,Ten1 HD low sound problem

    Sound Quality is Extremely low in Sony Six HD and Ten1 HD during live feeds. Crowd noise are hard to hear. It is Ruining TV experience of Sports Events. Tatasky need to solve the issue soon.
  2. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help Issue With Asianet Plus

    Asianet plus is showing unsubscribed in my tatasky binge stb. I had watched that channel still yesterday. From today onwards it is shown as unsubscribed on my stb. I had checked in my tatasky app. The channel is subscribed in the app. Then i call CC and they refreshed my account still it is...
  3. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help Binge+ Channels problem

    When I put a channel on my Binge+ set top Box. After Few Seconds The Screen Become Black. Then I has checked the Signal. There was no signal Was indicating. Then I had Changed the Channel Suddenly Channel has came after Few Seconds that channel also become Blank. Then I had again changed the...
  4. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help Discovery turbo

    Any body facing audio stucking issue in discovery turbo. Please any body put on the channel for 10 seconds and observe and please reply to the thread channel no 764
  5. Nikhil3

    Good News software update

    My adtv hd hevc stb showing idle status for software download i think new update soon it shown aborted till yesterday. Anybody pls check
  6. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help sd picture quality

    Hey friends i am using adtb hevc hd stb in my home i feeled sd channels picture quality so pathetic in adtv hevc stb even in my 21crt tv so tatasky users pls tell about the picture quality of sd channels in tatasky hd stbs. If it is gud i can change my dth to tatasky.
  7. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help upgrade

    Can i upgrade from current hevc stb to hd dvr stb now. Any one help
  8. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help hd my pack

    Hey 2dAys before i have activated hd my pack of rs 130 and i am receiving 10hd channels but still the amount for that top up is not taken from my a/c on monthly or daily basis. I have called cc they said hd my pack is not activated. When i checked in my airtel app its not mentioned in there too...
  9. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help poor picture quality

    In my tv adtv sd channels quality is very poor even i am using 21inch crt tv
  10. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help smart stb

    Can i use airtel smart stb in my crt tv anybody help
  11. Nikhil3

    Seeking Help Sd picture clarity

    Hey friends, i have upgraded adtv sd stb to a hd connection. after upgrading i have found a decrease in picture quality of sd channels. While using sd technicolor stb the Sd channels picture quality looked more clear.. But in hevc hd stb picture quality of sd chaanels was not gud. Is this a...
  12. Nikhil3

    Sony ten

    We all know that sony has accured ten.. So anybody know about when ten group channels picture quality improved like sony six.. Because ten pic quality is poor comparing to other sports channels[emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35].. If sony convert poc quality to there standards it will be gud[emoji1]...
  13. Nikhil3

    Decrease In Picture quality

    Picture quality of ten3 and sony espn is poor comparing to other sports channels. Is it problem from the Airtel Dth or the broadcaster please anyone help me...
  14. Nikhil3

    Airtel dth modifying their satellite

    Today i called customer to know about channel addition then cc person told me that airtel is updating their satellite. And he said that after modification only they can add more channels also he said if modification fail they want to wait add more channels .
  15. Nikhil3

    airtel decreased picture quality of almost channelss

    Almost channels picture quality decreased by airtel digital tv because of space crunch i think they are now using a new compression technology till ses-9 launch
  16. Nikhil3

    Asianet channel issue

    lcn 800 asianet channel has pixellation issue like scratched dvd video from yersterdayyy so anybody please checkk
  17. Nikhil3

    reporter tv low audio

    low audio quality in reporter tv lcn 829 any body please checkk
  18. Nikhil3

    What a poor dth

    All other dths adding channels day by day but Sundirect not adding any channels they are testing customers patience without any limit so as a customer we need to throw Sundirect connection
  19. Nikhil3

    Sundirect picture quality

    I think Sundirect dth has the cheapest picture quality comparing with other dthsss.the Reliance digital tv shared channels picture quality and Sundirect transponders channels has very.much diference also some channels sound quality is worster than analogue cable
  20. Nikhil3

    Measat 3b transponders activated for indonesian provider

    Measat 3b transponders activated for indonesian provider transvision source lyngsat
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