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  1. Anil.HD

    Seeking Help Make a logo for my local cable tv channel.

    Hello friends Please make a logo for my catv local tv channel. Name संगवारी (chhattisgarhi music channel).
  2. Anil.HD

    Seeking Help sky media 6060

    hello all i have a pagaria 6060 box . please give me a dump or frimware for my reciver..
  3. Anil.HD

    zee news FTA from 8 june...

    latter from zee media image hosting over 10mb
  4. Anil.HD

    {pics.} zee zindagi new decoder

    upload images free upload gif channel screen shot - test run not start only showing colour bar free upload image
  5. Anil.HD

    no signal in mtunes

    I have 10feet mesh dish all other tp's are working fine with good signal. Problem in only one tp signal level is 10% . My question is any one receive signal from this tp.
  6. Anil.HD

    only HD channels

    can i pick only hd channel without any base pack? bcoz i want to watch only HD channel. any option or idea plez post.
  7. Anil.HD

    Flash strike by cable operators in Kolkata

    Cable TV transmission were switched off in Kolkata for 24 hours resulting in partial to total blackouts on Sunday the 30th June. It was a result of protest against the packages introduced by the Multi-System Operators (MSOs). which they say are expensive and will force consumers to opt for DTH...
  8. Anil.HD


    img Hathway Cable & Datacom, has seen a remarkable turnaround in profits in Q4-2013 and in FY2013. It had posted net losses in the previous quarters. Hathway has 1.4 million 2 way broadband enabled homes together with a subscriber base over 50% of the total Indian cable TV broadband market...
  9. Anil.HD


    Siti Cable Network Ltd continues to bleed, but at a lower rate compared to a year ago. 2013 net loss was down 30% to ₹ 64.07 Crore. The company claims a reach of 10 million Cable TV homes, through its 56 analogue and 14 digital head ends. Q4-2013 total revenues increas ed 60.7% to ₹ 147.74...
  10. Anil.HD


    The I&B Ministry has cancelled the licenses of 20 MSOs for not meeting the conditions for providing digitised cable services. According to the norms for new MSO licenses in the DAS areas (phase I & phase II) analog MSOs automatically receive a digital MSO licence for the remaining term of their...
  11. Anil.HD


    For years, TV broadcasters have been taking their audiences for a ride, bombarding them with ads during prime time that are far in excess of the 12 minutes per hour norm spelt out as a condition for grant of heir broadcast license. The TRAI has recorded instances where viewers have been...
  12. Anil.HD

    [pics.] one alliance decoders for CAtv network.

    img screen capture software screen capture windows
  13. Anil.HD

    no signal in channel9 BD

    a new mistry start by sony.... Channel 9 Bangladesh has gone out of signal after 3 PM today. so no ipl free on this channel.:ohya:ohya:ohya:ohya
  14. Anil.HD


    The Department of Electronics and IT ( DeitY) has issued the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, (http:// 404 Not Found bringing into force a scheme for mandatory regime of registration of identified 15 electronic products so that...
  15. Anil.HD

    {pics}useless stb for me. PART-II

    upload photos
  16. Anil.HD

    Small Networks - Go Digital with TRANSMODULATORS

    India is one of the world's largest cable TV markets besides providing entertainment to over 50 million cable TV homes, cable networks in India had the option to receive from a choice of over 500 television channels. Indian Cable networks have been quick to absorb latest...
  17. Anil.HD


    Unconfirmed reports indicate that Mahindra & Mahindra is considering a Joint Venture with Disney India, to launch a TV youth channel, targeting 18 plus male viewers. The channel will probably launch in July this year. The channel name is still under wraps.
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