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    Add on d2h India cricket English HD

    I have subscribed this add on(for 19 rs +tax) , which contains 2 hd channels namely Ss1Hd and Six hd. I am getting only Ss1 hd and not getting six HD. I called cc and they said we will be able to view six HD only when there is India cricket in that channel. Untill two days before I was getting...
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    Multi TV policy revealed under consumer corner

    Details of Multi TV policy for the Company | d2h DTH Service India They have finally revealed Multi tv pricing but still they need to update selection options under consumer login.
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    Seeking Help Multi room STB not working

    Hi , Any one facing multiroom stb issue? For past 2 days multiroom stb is showing only FTA channels, under login details they have removed all product informations of my STB's including main STB. Is any one face this issue? Calling CC impossible to connect, Tried email and got the immediate...
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    Swapped 3333RF with 6666RF box but Dolby not working

    Hi, Yesterday had problem with my HD 3333rf set top box, so service person came and replaced with 6666RF set top box and updated to latest software. My concern is in 6666RF box Dolby audio not at all working for any Dolby channel through my TV but for previous model 3333RF dolby was working...
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    12 month HD add on offer?

    Hi, Now my HD one year subscription will end soon, is there an offer for 12months or 6 months HD add on other than Rs 175 / month
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    Recharge or get new connection

    Hi, Need your suggestion to renew by recharge or get a new connection. Found a deal in ebay for with new connection including 12 monthe Premium HD free subscription- New south diamond Rs 5720 - 15% discount = Rs 4862 If I recharge the same for my existing same package for 12 + 1 month...
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