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  1. unirockers

    Seeking Help Need help for my BSNL Sim problems

    1. Pop-up messages from BSNL; 2. I cannot forward un-answered calls which come on my (bsnl) sim to any other mobile number. When i set it to be forwarded (as below image) it says "your call is being forwarded please wait...." and then "call ended" happens. Can some bsnl user help me with...
  2. unirockers

    Breaking News Tata DOCOMO network merged with Airtel

    Translation: Congrats. Now get Airtel's nice and powerful network in your docomo sim with same number. For more info visit tatadocomo.com/airtel ** First direct communication regarding merger with customers. Airtel Tatadocomo Faq For all questions. ------------------------------------UPDATE...
  3. unirockers

    Seeking Help Please Suggest a Phone at 8000

    Hello DDF Friends, I need your help in buying a android phone for 8k for my sister. She insists on three things; Good Battery Good Camera adn 3 GB Ram Please suggest, thanks.
  4. unirockers

    My Mi Max 2 got updated, Split Screen Enabled!

    My Mi Max 2 was updated to MIUI 9 this weekend and it enabled the most useful feature, Split Screen. The screen of this beast is 6.44 so Split Screen was the feature I was waiting for. Its a great comfort when you want to multi-task, for example watch/listen a youtube video in one screen and...
  5. unirockers

    Seeking Help How to buy 99 pack and is it possible ?

    My free month of ADTV is expiring and I wish to change my base pack. I don't watch SD channels so I thought I must go for 99 base pack plus Royal HD (170). Means I'd have to pay Rs.269 PM. And how can I get that 99 wala pack since I can't see it in selfcare website or airtel app. 1. Is it...
  6. unirockers

    Seeking Help Is toonami free ?

    I purchased ADTV HD on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi and today I was looking at my airtel app for checking my balance and package information. below screenshot, please tell me why are there two options for activating toonami ? What is difference between Toonami Free Topup and Toonami Tp ?
  7. unirockers

    Bsnl Unlimited 3g or Wired Broadband ?

    In my area until today I was paying around 1200 pm for 1 mbps unlmtd to Tata Broadband, Never realized that internet has gotten cheap until I got msg from Tata salesman saying you can get speed's like 10 and 16 mbps in same cost. I also read somewhere that BSNL gives Unlimted 3g at Rs.1099. This...
  8. unirockers

    Seeking Help ADTV USB Recording ?

    I have ordered new ADTV HD connection, It'll come by 25th. I was using tata sky until today and it had +1 channels of Sony, Colors and StarPlus (meaning shows were shown 1 hour late) So I'm used to watch Kapil Sharma Show at 10PM instead of 9. And CID at 11 rather than 10. How do I accomplish...
  9. unirockers

    Seeking Help Tata Sky HD Access Fee ?

    I'm not able to understand tata sky's hd packs, the base packs are clearly mentioned on their website. I'm currently subscribed to Dahamaka 199 (rs.199 pm) pack, but I want HD channels too. So when I checked their HD prices, I found it confusing, can someone explain why cant I choose the Rs,95/-...
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