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  1. hike

    Good News Star Diwali Coming Soon on Star Plus

    STAR DIWALI Coming Soon On Star Plus
  2. hike

    Sad News My Cable Operator replacing Hathway STB with Fastway Radiant!

    He's also asking for 500 rupees from SD customer because of HD Box. I'm not charging anything because of replacement for HD Box with HD.
  3. hike

    Breaking News No more full Talktime on Jio

    As we have already told you in our last thread that Jio will now charge 6 paisa per minute. And, here come another news. 'There is no more full talktime on Jio' Previously, Jio was giving full Talktime on recharge of 100,150, 200, etc. But from today onwards they will not give full Talktime...
  4. hike

    Seeking Help Suggest me a smartphone under 8K

    Hey guys I'm back again for your suggestion. My cousin sis and my niece both are looking for phone under 8K phone should have. A good camera and a decent battery. I know it's not hard to find and i looked too. But, your opinion is always good for me. Thanks
  5. hike

    Seeking Help Strange thing happening with Jio in my POCOF1?

    Strange thing is happening with me. I am using Xiaomi POCOF1. When I use normal internet, the speed runs at 2300 frequencies, in which speed is too slow! Normal speed test :- And when use internet during a call, the internet runs at 1800 frequencies, in which the speed increases. On call...
  6. hike

    Seeking Help How to remove Google account from dual app in MIUI?

    Hey, Im using POCOF1 and I'm having issue in removing Google account sync with the dual apps. Could you guys please help me out to remove it. And please remember I'm talking about dual app not normal circumstances. I've done every possible way but nothing is working!
  7. hike

    Seeking Help I want to buy Water Purifier!

    Hey guys plz help me out in this im looking for water purifier for my join family. Which one is good. I've choosen Kent New Grand Plus and Kent Grand Plus.
  8. hike

    Good News Brought Redmi 7 ( 2+32 GB Lunar Red)

    Smartphones are raining at my home! Once again brought Redmi 7.
  9. hike

    Seeking Help Anyone from Jaipur Rajasthan wants Redmi Note 7 Pro 6+128 GB?

    I've placed order for two by mistake and now I only need one so anyone here is from Jaipur Rajasthan and want Redmi Note 7 Pro Black 6+128 GB? No extra cost!!! MOD hopefully this will not break any rule! If any please close the thread. 🙂
  10. hike

    Seeking Help Realme C2 or Redmi 7 for which should I go?

    My brother lost his phone yesterday, I was using realme C1 which I brought from Flipkart. The phone was really working very fine specially in terms of volume and now I really need to brought him a new phone and he's asking for the suggestion from me and I have only you guys to suggest me. So I...
  11. hike

    Seeking Help Water dripping problem in my Whirlpool Refrigerator!

    Hey guys I got a problem in my refrigerator from past few days it's dropping off water inside the fridge. Plz help me out! Coming from here... ... Collecting here. Help!
  12. hike

    Seeking Help Looking for a new Refrigerator please suggest.

    Hey Suggest me a refrigerator which I should buy!!!! 🙂 Whirlpool Samsung or the new Voltas series? Fridge should be at least 300L and price may varies from 25-40K.
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