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  1. hindifun

    Good News Airtel to launch new Android based Set Top Box "Xstream" on September 2nd

    Airtel to launch new Android based Set Top Box on September 2nd in a press conference in new Delhi. Read on a Hindi newspaper site.
  2. hindifun

    Sad News BTVI suddenly closed from mid night

    BTVI suddenly closed from mid night if Aug 31. Channel was closed by the broadcasters in a sudden decision.
  3. hindifun

    Good News Channel reset added

    Channel reset is added. Now you can scan channels in Airtel Internet TV too. Earlier it was not possible without factory reset.
  4. hindifun

    Seeking Help Not getting Republic Bharat after TRAI pack change

    I am not getting Republic Bharat after TRAI pack change. When I selected my pack, Republic Bharat was not launched. Channel is not added in any pack and not available as la carte also. I recreated my pack but not able to see Republic Bharat as an option to add it in the app or self care on...
  5. hindifun

    Breaking News R.Bharat Launching on 2nd Feb.

    Republic Bharat to be launched in few hours. Just announced on Republic TV
  6. hindifun

    Breaking News R Bharat is live on Republic Site

    R Bharat is live on Republic Site. Same energy and aggression.
  7. hindifun

    Airtel Channel Numbers changed

    Airtel Channel Numbers changed? Can see DD news is at 332. Earlier it was at 345. Accordingly DD Loksabha and Rajyasabha TV moved from 346,347 to 333 and 334.
  8. hindifun

    Good News Got Pixel 2 XL as reward from Google

    My Hindi blog was in top 3 in a contest organised by Google for Hindi blogs. Got pixel 2 XL as reward from Google with a certificate and a jacket with Google logo.
  9. hindifun

    Facing pixalisation on Republic TV

    Facing pixalisation on Republic TV on my Airtel Internet TV. This is since morning today. Can someone please confirm if the issue is with everyone or specific to me. Other all channels ate fine for me.
  10. hindifun

    Good News Got Chromecast in gift

    I got today Chromecast in gift. Now I have, Airtel Internet box, Fire TV and Chromecast. o_O
  11. hindifun

    Good News Three months free subscription of Netflix from Airtel

    Three months free subscription of Netflix from Airtel for selected cucumbers Source
  12. hindifun

    Discussion Do we need DTH or cable now?

    When almost all channels and movies available online, do we need DTH or cable any more? Anyone tried here to go for online only content? Recently I purchased Amazon Fire TV and thinking for possibility of living without DTH. Tens of thousands of movies are available in HD without break on...
  13. hindifun

    UIDAI helpline number added automatically to android phones

    UIDAI helpline number 18003001947 is added automatically to android phones. You can check your phones. Is it android upgrade or sim upgrade from service provider?
  14. hindifun

    Interesting chat on twitter with Amazon Prime help

    One of the customer asked for promotional offer from Amazon Prime Help. See want happened after that. Enjoy! Source Amazon Prime Help replied Source Customer Source Amazon Prime Help Source Customer Source Amazon Prime Help Source Customer The Wolverine \|/ on Twitter Amazon...
  15. hindifun

    Good News Watch any program in rain

    You can watch any program in rain on Airtel Internet TV. When it's raining and your DTH is off you can watch any program with the help of internet. Go to your desired channel, select options and select replay (first option). You can watch the program. Few notes: Program will start from...
  16. hindifun

    Breaking News DTT now available in Srinagar

    DTT service of Doordarshan available in Srinagar Source
  17. hindifun

    Seeking Help Please suggest if i need to change wire

    I recently shifted to a 3BHK flat build by a private builder. I have installed 3 ACs of 1.5t each. I use one AC regularly. Others are used rarely. Electric wire installed from electric mater to my floor is Kalinga 6mm. My electrician says I need to change the wire to good company otherwise...
  18. hindifun

    Good News Favourite channels on home page

    Now you can see your favourite channels on home page. Earlier there were recently watched channels. Many members here asked many times about favourite channels navigation. Also please note that you can create multiple users and accordingly multiple favourite channel list. PS. Ok, if you have...
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