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  1. Gssran

    Breaking News “MTV Indies” Started From IS20

    “MTV Indies” Started From IS20, encrypted mode on tp 4036 V 20500
  2. Gssran

    Breaking News “TV9 Bharatvarsh” Started Test From IS20

    “TV9 Bharatvarsh” Started Test From IS20, Tp 3724 V 9600,
  3. Gssran

    Breaking News “PTC Simran & PTC Music” Started From IS20

    “PTC Simran & PTC Music” Started From IS20, Also one test channel, It’s a new tp 3888 V 2500 Source Source
  4. Gssran

    Satellite Updates “MTV HD Plus” Started From IS20

    “MTV HD Plus” Started From IS20, Tp 4036 V 21600, Earlier it was available from Measat satellite, Source
  5. Gssran

    Satellite Updates “Sobarage ANM News” Left From IS20

    “Sobarage ANM News” Left From IS20, It was available on tp 3743 V 7000, Now 1st News started on its place.
  6. Gssran

    Breaking News “1ST News” Started From IS20

    “1ST News” Started From IS20, Tp 3743 V 7000, Source
  7. Gssran

    Breaking News “Colors Bangla Cinema” Started From IS20

    “Colors Bangla Cinema” Started From IS20, started on place of “The Office” slot on tp, 4186 V 21600,
  8. Gssran

    Breaking News New Channel Started From IS20

    New Channel Started From IS20, using “Sinema” Channel Slot on Tp 3734 V 7200,
  9. Gssran

    Breaking News “Pengal” Channel Started From IS20

    “Pengal” Channel Started From IS20, Tp 4005 V 7200,
  10. Gssran

    Breaking News “My Cam” EPG Name Updated as “Colors Gujrati Cinema” on IS20

    “My Cam” EPG Name Updated as “Colors Gujrati Cinema” on IS20, Available on Tp 4185 V 21600, Source
  11. Gssran

    Satellite Updates “News 30” Tp Changed on IS20

    “News 30” Tp Changed on IS20, Now it’s available on Tp 3743 V 7000, Earlier it was on Tp 3790 H 7200, This Tp is now deactivated, Source
  12. Gssran

    Breaking News New Test Channel Started From IS20 (Sony Network)

    New Test Channel Started From IS20 , It’s from sony Network, showing color bars on Tp 3900 H 22222 Source
  13. Gssran

    Satellite Updates “Naaptol Kannada” Tp Change on IS20

    “Naaptol Kannada” Started From Tp 3870 V 14400, Already available on Tp 3790 H 7200 also.
  14. Gssran

    Breaking News 3 Channels “Aastha Tami, Telugu & Kannada” Started Test Signal From IS20

    “Aastha Tamil” Started Test Signal From IS20, Tp 3768 V 7200, Source Source
  15. Gssran

    Breaking News New Tp Found on IS20 (Zee Network)

    New Tp found on IS20 from zee Network, 8 old channels on this Tp, 3975 V 22500, Living Rootz Living Travelz Z Living Zee Cinemalu HD Zee Talkies HD Zee Bangla HD Zee Tamil HD Zee Keralam HD
  16. Gssran

    Satellite Updates “Epic HD” Left From IS20

    “Epic HD” Left From IS20, Slot Removed From Tp 4185 V 21600.
  17. Gssran

    Satellite Updates “Tara TV” EPG Name Updated Now on IS17

    Bangla channel “Tara TV” EPG Name Updated Now on IS17, Earlier it was using Maha Maaza channel’s license, EPG name is now as “T TV.
  18. Gssran

    Satellite Updates 3 Channels Left From IS17

    MTV India International, Tora TV & Ok Music left From IS17. MTV India International was shifted to IS20.
  19. Gssran

    Breaking News “Color International HD” Started From IS17

    “Color International HD” Started From IS17, Running fta currently on Tp 3986 H 14400,
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