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  1. Galaxy Rohit

    STB keeps rebooting..!!

    Hi!! My Videocon stb: SATELLITEBOX1011R is rebooting continuously since morning. It starts & blinks for a few seconds & when screen is about to display programs/signal it again reboots. So I switched off my TV set. After sometime that blinking got fixed automatically so I switched on my TV & it...
  2. Galaxy Rohit

    TPs error

    I don't know why but I'm facing signal loss issue on my SATELLITEBOX1011R from past 2 days. I got confused bcoz, on Monday morning when the problem starts there was no signal at all. Some channels appeared around 7am then some more(I checked as long as I can). Also TPs showing no signal b4 were...
  3. Galaxy Rohit

    DIGISTB1111-U shows no indicator light

    My DIGISTB1111-U was working fine till today morning until electricity was gone. When it came back, my stb didn't show any light. Please help me fix this...please!!:(:( I checked & noticed that current is passing through all three pins(red,white,yellow) & the cable port from lnb. But indicator...
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