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  1. suksmuni

    Breaking News Kannada audio feed for Nick shows.

    Happy news for Kannada audience... Volcom 18s , Cartoon channel Nick is added Kannada audio feed for some shows like "Rudra Boom Chik Chik boom" "Motu Patlu" and "Gattu Battu" by default . Sukamuni Sukku
  2. suksmuni

    Kannada audio feed for Rudra Boom Chik Boom

    Kannada Voice Actors Kannada audio feed for Nick channels cartoon show "Rudra". from today 7:25pm (Mon to Fri)
  3. suksmuni

    Kannada audio feed for Travel XP..

    Travelxp bets big on 4K, language feeds for Indian market
  4. suksmuni

    Breaking News Public movies a Kannada language movie channel will launch on 12th February.

    Public movies a Kannada movie channel, which is part of write man media group. Other channels of same group in Kannada "public TV"a news channel and "Public music".
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