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  1. chakri

    Tricked (Trick-2)

    Please send me the trick bro
  2. chakri

    Tata Sky Summer Bonanza Offer All SD & HD Channels Free

    RE: Tata Sky Summer Bonanza Offer all unsubscribed channels working fine for me also
  3. chakri

    Telugu Movies Updates

    RE: Tollywood Latest News & Audio Functions & Gossips Aadi and Adah shrama GARAM movie directing by Madan shoot starts on 16-02-2015 hyderabad.
  4. chakri

    Issue with the STB

    i got like same problem, i am complained about that, they replaced new stb, but quality is very poor in this new stb, old one is 3d hd stb, new is hd stb.
  5. chakri

    Found New Channel on DDFD Located Dish

    it's not a channel it's DSNG Feed
  6. chakri

    10TV Reply "Thier channel in d2h"

    translation dear shyam 10tv is not available in videocon d2h, we will try our best, expecting soon, very sorry to late reply. 10tv team facebook.
  7. chakri

    Happy New Year 2015

  8. chakri

    My New TBS 5922 Usb Satelite Receiver

    nice share brother what is the price for that? from where you purchased please tell me brother I also looking for that brother reply please Thank you
  9. chakri

    H.265/HEVC set top boxes for DTH

    Nice Predictions, but in real life now a days we can't expect from these advanced boxes from all top Indian dth players, but who newly enters into dth platform they can easily implement this, and they can benefit these advanced technology. Thank you
  10. chakri

    17 New Channel Slot With DD HD On freedish

  11. chakri

    17 New Channel Slot With DD HD On freedish

    test 601 to test 617 color bars with dd fd logo showing and one dd hd channel also added but not playing any video.
  12. chakri

    Special HD Upgrade Offer for

    nice info
  13. chakri

    SES 8 launched successfully finally!!

    RE: SES 8 launch: Next attempt today 30th Nov next attempt of Falcon 9 Set To Launch SES 8 Today From Cape At 5:41 p.m. In Indian time wednesday 3 dec 4.00 a.m. spacecoastdaily.com live streaming the event, best of luck to Falcon 9.
  14. chakri

    10tv Telugu Started officially on intelsat 17

    10tv Telugu news channel officially launched today evening, in hyderabad. screens
  15. chakri

    [Pics] Solid HDS2-3000 STB B*ss K*y Software Updated

    RE: [Pics] Solid HDS2-3000 STB b*ss Key Software Updated vadi brother please send me the file, thank you.
  16. chakri

    My Old mesh dish for sale (for Hyderabad)

    Interested persons mail me your number and mention in this thread as you are interested, thank you.
  17. chakri

    My Old mesh dish for sale (for Hyderabad)

    I decided to sell my mesh dish (8 feet), any one interested please call me, i prefer hyderabad customers because it's in hyderabad . contact : send mail to me
  18. chakri

    My Old Mesh Dishes

    yes guy's i will restore it soon.
  19. chakri

    My Old Mesh Dishes

    long ago we used these dishes for receive sun network and etv network channels.
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