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    Channel Eye picture stuck since morning

    Channel Eye/Nethra picture is stuck on Dish TV Lanka since from morning. Screenshot taken at 12.20PM
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    Vasantham TV showing blank screen

    Vasantham TV showing blank screen since from 5 pm today on Dish TV Sri Lanka.
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    Poor picture quality of local channels

    Hi all, I already have a D2h HD connection. Recently I bought a Dish TV Sri Lanka connection mainly for local channels. However, the picture quality of the channels is very poor. Including the audio. Dialog TV seems to have better quality than dish TV when it comes to local channels...
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    D2H account is inactive

    Hi, My recharge due date was yesterday and I did a recharge today. However, my connection is still on "Disconnected" state. Although, the recharge has been updated and I have received the confirmation as well. Any idea what's wrong?
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