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  1. Ksk

    Sad News Tamilan Tv live stopped in d2h

    Tamilan tv removed soon from d2h platform, today channel live stopped
  2. Ksk

    Discussion Zee Thirai issue

    Republic Bharat playing in zee thirai LCN 547
  3. Ksk

    Sad News Tamilan Tv will be removed

    Tamilan TV will be removed from 8th july
  4. Ksk

    Discussion D2H Live channels Stuck on

    Nowadays D2H all live channels stuck on frequently and also "signal not available" error, anybody having this same issue ?
  5. Ksk

    DTH Updates India news twice in D2H

    "India news" channel telecasting twice in D2h, LCN 308 and "Active services"
  6. Ksk

    Good News Zee Thirai now in basic tamil pack (D2h)

    Zee thirai now included in popular Tamil combo pack Rs. 168 (basic Tamil pack), no need to activate separately.
  7. Ksk

    Sad News Zee Thirai not play in D2H

    Now zee thirai not play in d2h, last 10 minutes, wat about other services
  8. Ksk

    Seeking Help DTH Channels lock in period

    Hlo guys, what is the channel lock in period for DTH Platforms (a-la-carate)
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