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  1. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help I want to switch to Airtel dth.

    Guys I am switching to another dth. What should I do with my old videocon stb and antenna? Can I get some value out of it?
  2. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help Can somebody help me

    So I've selected the following channels for which the price is coming to ₹378, according to map view. Colors HD ₹19 Star plus HD ₹19 Zee tv HD ₹19 Sony HD ₹19 Star sports 1 Hindi HD ₹19 Zee business ₹0.1 Cnbc Awaaz ₹1 BST pack ₹130 Total ₹226.1 plus 18% GST i.e, ₹267. I don't understand...
  3. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help 100 basic FTA channels

    Why can't we change the 100 basic channels which are pre-selected for us in the map view of d2h website? The TRAI channel selector says there are only some 25 approx mandatory DD channels but d2h has 100 useless channels. My NCF has gone through the roof because of these channels. Screenshot...
  4. harsh_hk

    Want to sell my HD STB and all dishtv hardware

    I want to sell the Dish Tru HD stb with remote and antenna. Reply if interested.
  5. harsh_hk

    How to connect speakers to Set-top box?

    My STB has one AV out port and one SPDIF port (Digital optical audio). I want a cheap option to connect any speakers to the STB. My TV is connected to the stb via HDMI but my TV speakers aren't working.
  6. harsh_hk

    Why is India Today channel not listed on the website?

    I want to watch India Today news channel but it is not listed on any packs on the website? How to add it? And I want to know if its possible to add only Times Now without adding the "All News" a la carte which costs ₹50 pm.
  7. harsh_hk

    Frequent signal loss and Viewing card error

    I have spent more than 2 thousand bucks in the past year or so, for frequent dish re-alignment/STB problems/other errors because of the 3rd grade chinese hardware Dish tv has been giving. But what's more agonising is that every time they take the money, they replace the STB/ antenna component...
  8. harsh_hk

    Should you buy the lifetime offer?

    If you don't already know there is a lifetime offer for HD subscribers. New Subscriber pay Rs.21990 get HD Royale Pack for 5 yrs. Existing Subscriber pay Rs.19490 get HD Royle Pack for 5 yrs.Click here So if you're wondering if thats good enough or not then read this. Present Value of Rs...
  9. harsh_hk

    Has anyone got the new STB ?

    Dishtv website shows a picture of a new STB . Has anyone got this ?
  10. harsh_hk

    Dishtru HD+ for Rs1500/-

    Please also consider purchasing my DishTru HD+ STB with antenna and new remote and everything else ....i will sell for 1500/- if anyone's interested....
  11. harsh_hk

    HD premiere and HD world pack

    Can someone list the 20 extra channels available in HD première pack but not in HD world pack? I haven't been able to know all 20 channels from the website. I am thinking of downgrading to hd world pack. Is that a good decision?
  12. harsh_hk

    Dabangg 2 on Star networks

    Dabangg 2 satellite rights sold to star tv networks for 50 cr. approximately. Maybe we will soon see Dabangg 2 on star channels soon after its release. Shocking fact is that the shooting of the film has not even started. Source:Economic Times 24/02/12
  13. harsh_hk

    Discovery Science on DishTv

    I had sent a mail to customer care regarding addition of discovery science without having to go for a-la carte pack. Here is their response.
  14. harsh_hk

    Difference between 1080i and 1080p

    I need to know the difference between interlaced and progressive scanning in simplified non-technical language. When will the DTH providers provide 1080p resolution ?:huh:huh:huh
  15. harsh_hk

    Firmware and Software updates Info

    My firmware and EPG haven't been updated since a long time. I need to know the firmware and software version of DishTruHD users. Mine are:- EPG version: HD grid PVR V220 Firmware version: 45.40-1.09B The firmware and basic theme of tatasky hd users is much better looking than ours...
  16. harsh_hk


  17. harsh_hk

    Unpacking of my dish tru hd+ remote

    Pic of new DishTru HD+ remote This is the pic of the new remote that i received yesterday. Not much happy with it. It was received in an old box. Cost Rs. 266 plus tax 33. It is very plasticky, not good to hold, but looks quite good. Also the back button works the same as prev. channel button...
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