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    Breaking Caught Intelsat 906(64.15E)

    I caught intelsat 906 at 64.15e on 4 ft prime focus solid dish. This satellite has circular beam, so it requires teflon to inserted, but I got AFN network L beam without adding any teflon or such material to lnb. I got Frequency 4094L S/R 11000, there are only three channels, if you are a tennis...
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    88e with modified dish C band

    Modified my 70cm dish by adding alminium sheets and got 3 TPs from ST 88e. Dish is still very rough as signals are very low. I will post snaps soon.
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    Is this thaicom tp?

    I have been getting 11170H30000 tp near apstar 76e, though lyngsat lists this tp as one from thaicom with IPM package, but I only get one south indian test channels on this tp in frozen mode with timer. Wondering if it is really thaicom?? If it is where are IPM channels.
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    C band on 70cm dish experiment

    First of all , if you think I am wasting my effort then please don't comment on this thread, It is an experiment, I already assume the possibility of complete failure, but still I want to try. So, I put an old Gardner lnb on my d2h dish, then set my dish to asiasat 7 , some movement of signal...
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    Best cheap lnb for ku band

    I performed several tests with 3 lnbs--sharp, dishtv monoblock lnb and Airtel lnb . Results surprised me totally as I was expecting sharp to outclass it's competitors, but exactly opposite happened.Afghansat has low signal at my location, with monoblock and aitel I get max 29-30 % signal but...
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