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    Satellite Updates "Trace Sport Stars" & "Trace Urban Asia" started from Asiasat 7

    The broadcaster lines up their programs and transmits... We cant change anything... Just receive what they transmit in our region.
  2. K

    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Zee Keralam, Zee cafe [both encrypted] and from APSTAR7 also has about 62% signal. channel named "itahari" also was scanned, just 32% signal.
  3. K

    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Got UNTV and TVK Cambodia from Measat! Got DD* channels from GSAT30 (vertical TPs). Very fine tuning may be required to get more (because, I get 3859H6921 on a 6ft dish, main lnb at 68 and thus GSAT30- 83E on a side lnb).
  4. K

    Satellite Updates "Trace Sport Stars" & "Trace Urban Asia" started from Asiasat 7

    U mean.. We somehow replace asia version with france version!!??
  5. K

    New TV Channels Added on Chinasat.10

    You have done PHd on these channel availibility!!!
  6. K

    Breaking new test mpeg 4 slot added

    Cant get a snapshop of which doesnt exist and name also changed upon autoscan!. Sorry!
  7. K

    Breaking new test mpeg 4 slot added

    It is running alright on C-BAND @ 83E. May not discontinue, It was an upgrade!.. But it is not there on DDFD. Scanned afresh now after reading here :)
  8. K

    Purchased solid hds2 8181

    slidmegmall is also theirs only. solid.sale has link to megamall earlier.
  9. K

    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Yes. I gave a try to possibilities from East to West.. Asiasat @105 gets almost all transponders when sky is clear. But Filmi and Sahara One always available. 90cm Dish not enough was my thought too. But ST 2 at 88.0°E C band is so strong that I get it in 2ft dish Ku dish comfortably- was one...
  10. K

    Seeking Help frequent weak signal quality during bad weather

    KU band is prone to weather changes. A bigger dish may delay the signal loss...
  11. K

    want to add more frequency in settop box

    Are you asking if we would like to add... Or do you want help to add that transponder???
  12. K

    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Hi! I tried to get GSAT30 @ 83E on 90cm Offset dish. [After searching a lot, got a airtel dish that is used on apartments as per the shop guy, cost 1150 INR].. Vertical TP are easily available, Horizontal TP are almost impossible. The results are not good if compared to having a side LNB for...
  13. K

    Good News Girgit tulu movie added on LCN 660 and 209

    I doubt. The channel should be a satellite channel. Namma TV is a local channel without satellite transmission... [It is available in Tatasky APP but not DTH..]..
  14. K

    Ku band reception BER nil

    NIL BER is good! No bad bits received. Did you try rescan? May be channel parameter has changed since last time you had scanned??? Regards.
  15. K

    Breaking "Live Today" added on DD Free Dish

    This year has been a bhojpuri and news year! I don't dislike bhojpuri. Surprised that no broadcaster of any other language is interested. There are so many FTA tamil/malyalam channels. For me, very less kannada FTA but PUBLIC music/movies/news kasturi tv...would have attracted a bit of...
  16. K

    C & Ku receiption from closeby Satellite s

    Hi, I got this question while I was trying something with my dish.. Signals of two satellites placed apart by 1.5° can be received in 3ft ku band dish comfortably. (Example: sun direct 91.5 and DDFree dish at 93, or DDFree dish and DishTV at 95°).. What makes is different for C band that IS20...
  17. K

    DTH Updates Prasar Bharati invited application to fill vacant DD Free Dish slots (45th E-auction)

    More Bhojpuri may be :-). Don't dream high because we are not at control to convert dreams to reality! Other regional languages don't have pan india reach that's why they are called regional. So local channels dont really participate. However, I'm going to send a mail to FTA kannada channels as...
  18. K

    Seeking Help Can you Suggest Any Dth Hybrid Set Top Box Without Dth Subscription i Can Use Only Streaming Apps

    I think this is something that may met your requirement? I don't own this but I use their internet as of now. https://fofilabs.com/ Search for fofi tv and you get YouTube videos about this box.
  19. K

    Satellite signal finder

    I have solid SF 810. Wait time in aliexpress. SF is Solid brand. Will reach you in a week generally..
  20. K

    RS 232 cable

    Yeah. a step forward. Signal meter should show either 13V or 18V led. Multimeter is also OK. Peep into the Female F connector on receiver's back side. Rusted connection or anything could be obstructing your success. Don't take any doubt 'granted'. waiting to see the signal/quality bars filled in...
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