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    DDF Exclusive DTH of the Month - March 2020 | Airtel Digital TV

    Airtel for CuriosityStream. A unique addition
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    Breaking Airtel Curiosity Stream added by ADTV

    Good addition by Airtel and it's great that it's given free. But, the big airel logo on the top hides the written contents sometimes
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    DDF Exclusive DTH of the Month - February 2020 | Tata Sky

    Voted for d2h after a long time... Adding 3 Zee channels was a surprise
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    Malai murasu news channel will be added soon

    Channel shows in self-care web as LCN 796. Maybe it's getting added again
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    Good News Zee Thirai LCN 775 Added on Airtel DTH

    Good addition..I activated the channel via self care. Currently available as A La Carte. No bouquets
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    Sad News Dish Lanka 101 error on all channels.

    That's it. DishTV Sri Lanka is no more
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    DDF Exclusive DTH of the Month - October 2019 | Airtel Digital TV

    Voted for airtel for reducing STB prices
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    Dishtv Lanka all channels Free to Air

    I think dishtv may shutdown Sri Lanka ooerations
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    Sad News Tamil channels Removed Dish TV

    I think they are trying to shift users who need south channels to ST2..
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    Breaking KBC Tamil Returns To Colors Tamil with new name 'Kodeeshwari'

    I was wondering if the channel launched this show only for men, there would be protests everywhere and on social media saying it's a discrimination! Now they have restricted only for women and everyone is silent. No one cares for men...:p:p:p
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    Discussion Should we continue using videocond2h or look for alternative

    I think Tatasky and Airtel are doing a good job when it comes to updating channel and bouquet prices. Also, they have almost all the bouquets. No point continuing with d2h or dishtv.
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    Breaking DishTv Lanka Add UTV Tamil

    This channel was replaced on LCN of Star Tamil TV (formerly Varnam TV) today morning, but now UTV removed and Star Tamil back on LCN
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    Breaking DishTv Lanka Add UTV Tamil

    It's a local channel in Sri Lanka
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    DDF Exclusive Dish TV HD Channels List As on 14 April 2020

    I use a dishtv HD STB pointed to ST2. Channel numbers are same as d2h. Only difference is we don't get d2h home channels instead we get Dish Buzz channel..
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    Breaking Airtel Digital TV in talks with Dish TV for merger

    Since this is a reverse merger, dishtv brand will continue to exist. Hope Airtel management will be better than dishtv
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    Want to shift from Cable to DTH. Plz suggest which is BEST ??

    Go for TataSky. Never go for Dish TV or d2h.
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    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    Any visible changes?
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    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    I did a rescan of channels too. I am not getting any of those channels. I am using dish nxt HD STB
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    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    Nope.. I am on dishtv ST2 as well. I am not getting any d2h promo or home channels.
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