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    Signal lost for newly added channels on TS+ Transfer HD

    Hi Friends, When I am try to perform a signal test on newly added 40+ channels , signal goes to zero on signal test & no signal screen shows up. Has anyone faced this scenario ?
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    My new TataSky+ Transfer HD with Inverto Quad LNB

    Hi Folks , Had my TataSky HD connection upgraded to TataSky+ Transfer HD.:tup The installation was swift within 2 hours of booking the box. As usual TS technician came in hurry and installed the box after checking for basic signal strength. I asked him for Inverto LNB, but he said its feasible...
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    TEN GOLF HD added in dish tv

    Exclusive screens: :ohya:ohya:ohya Looks like Zee Cafe upscaled HD is removed
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    Zee Cafe HD added on ACT HD Bangalore

    Zee Cafe :hd added on ACT HD Bangalore :ohya LCN : 937 Some Screenshots :
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    Colors infinity HD Pics

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