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    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Hi! I tried to get GSAT30 @ 83E on 90cm Offset dish. [After searching a lot, got a airtel dish that is used on apartments as per the shop guy, cost 1150 INR].. Vertical TP are easily available, Horizontal TP are almost impossible. The results are not good if compared to having a side LNB for...
  2. K

    C & Ku receiption from closeby Satellite s

    Hi, I got this question while I was trying something with my dish.. Signals of two satellites placed apart by 1.5° can be received in 3ft ku band dish comfortably. (Example: sun direct 91.5 and DDFree dish at 93, or DDFree dish and DishTV at 95°).. What makes is different for C band that IS20...
  3. K

    Converting 6ft dish to "single track"

    SIngle track - how we called them - were the dishes who had an angle preset... when the elevation is changed it will go on a track where all satelites are available "without changing the base position/ without rotation of the dish". I have the solid 6ft prime focus dish and I'm targeting to...
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    New TP on APSTAR 7?

    Hi, I'm consistently getting [3846H 5711] TP on apstar. I has TBN asia, Hillsong and two more channels. The same channels that are on 3871V 10000 [per lyngsat and flysat]. Anyone else also getting this?? [I dont see signal on 3871V]. or my STB/LNB acting weird!? Regards, Kiran
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    Seeking Help Need help, opinion and your experiecne on few questions I'm facing.

    Generally, On a prime LNB or side LNB, if you get signal for few TP, would it mean there will be signal for all TP?? Will there be one fixed/final position of LNB where all TPs are received with reliable amount of signal? I'm coming with question because of below two; 1. Apstar 7 on main/prime...
  6. K

    dish modification for side LNB

    Hi All! I searched the forum few times before posting. Didnt find that I was about to post. Also, keeping the post short so that I dont repeat if this is there already. This is about modifying the dish for improving the dish for side lnb reception. I dont know how much signal others here get on...
  7. K

    3925 H TP on 83E

    Hi All, It is fascinationg to read super stories here with their own dish and FTA channels. I do have a 6ft dish and lately realized that I don't get any signal for TP 3925 H 28500 8psk transponder on INSAT 4A. The target was new EPIC channel that is shifted here. I tried my dad's 10ft dish...
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