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  1. Sourav Bhadani

    Breaking Dhinchaak Movies added on DD Free Dish

    Dhinchaak Movies replaced with Blue Movie channel
  2. Sourav Bhadani

    Breaking India News removed from DD Free Dish

    India News removed from DD Free Dish and Showing colours bar
  3. Sourav Bhadani

    DD Retro added by Siti Network

    DD Retro is available now on Siti Network Source
  4. Sourav Bhadani

    Breaking Max HD running free to air on DD FreeDish

    Bro is Sony max HD also FTA from Dish Tv in Mpeg4 only :huh:
  5. Sourav Bhadani

    DTH Updates Dd free dish New channels update

    Surya Cinema is starting on testing In I love channel slot
  6. Sourav Bhadani

    DTH Updates DD Free Dish 44 e-Auction update

    Dd free dish 44 e-Auction all new channels application will be submitting today by 3:00 PM. May be 50+ new application will submit and e-Auction held on 24 February 2020.
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