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  1. swaroopofc

    Breaking Power TV added on D2h @lcn 678

    Channel added
  2. swaroopofc

    Barc week 18

    Data will be released at 5 pm today
  3. swaroopofc

    Sad News News9 removal notice

    It will removed from tomorrow scroll running @ lcn 678
  4. swaroopofc

    Seeking Help Hd 6666 not updated with latest software

    I am still getting videcon d2h logo still now and also not able to get the account details info
  5. swaroopofc

    DTH Updates TV9 kannada in slot of tv5 kannada

    681 channel no TV9 is coming
  6. swaroopofc

    My STB is restarting 6666 HD model

    From today morning it's simply restarting Any one facing this issue?
  7. swaroopofc

    Power TV

    Power TV Kannada news channel addition soon
  8. swaroopofc

    Tv1 kannada will be removed

    Effective 18/01/19 due to breach of agreement
  9. swaroopofc

    Seeking Help Hd6666 stb home channel issue

    I am using 6666 hd box i want to make my favorite channel as starting channel when my stb is turned on instead of d2h home channels.what is the settings for that.
  10. swaroopofc

    Good News 2 Telugu channels added

    IMG 20180524 044433 Confirmatory snap Hindudharmam Telugu devotional channel from tv5 group added on lcn 748 IMG 20180524 045543 Studio one + on lcn 701
  11. swaroopofc

    Discussion E-digital bangalore

    LCN list
  12. swaroopofc

    Breaking Tv1news 24*7kannada added on lcn 680

    Channel launching tomorrow 11 am ☺
  13. swaroopofc

    Dighvijay news from Lcn 680 to 677

  14. swaroopofc

    Breaking Focus tv kannada to go on air

    It will start it's operation from 9am today as told in their fb live video
  15. swaroopofc

    List of shutdown /disfunctional/closed channels in karnataka

    Kalki kannada Samaya news Janasri news Udaya news Mayura news
  16. swaroopofc

    Discussion General Discussion on Current and Upcoming Kannada Channels in Karnataka

    With licencse Zee kannada HD Tv1news 24*7 Awaiting license Astha kannada Kasthuri Gold kasthuri comedy Gyana yogi channel Focus TV kannada
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